4 best conversation starters with girls

Ever felt like you’re stuck in a date where you have no idea what to say, and you’d rather stare at the artistic crack in the ceiling than look at your date, because you just don’t have anything to say? Well, it’s simple really to have a great date and sound like a perfect smooth talker.

All you need is a few words, and you could hold on a conversation for hours on end.

Introduce yourself.
Is a great way to start. Girls are wary of cheesy pick-up lines and no one wants to sound like they’re using one that’s been tried a thousand times before.

Be Honest with your Expressions
One of the best ways to get over your fear is to express your fear. It may sound ironic, but it is true. Girls usually like to talk to guys who are honest in expressing themselves freely, rather than concealing their thought process.

If you approach and compliment a stranger then you are implicitly stating that you are interested in them. So if you’re confident enough to walk up and say that you really appreciate their sense of style or that you just noticed how they really stand out in the crowd, you will go a long way towards making a strong first impression on that person.

Humorous observations
Finding something in your surroundings that makes you chuckle or amused and pointing it out in conversation can be a funny way to kick things off, or to keep a conversation going when it seems that it might stall out prematurel

Bad dates
This is usually the most fertile ground for sharing funny stories and getting everyone talking, as most everyone has had at least one humorously bad date. Use it on a man or girl you’ve started dating to show you’re funny side.

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