5 Cool Ways to Surprise Your Girlfriend

It doesn’t matter if you have been in a relationship for a few months or several years, these tricks will show your woman how much you care, a great way to revive your romance.

Send her flowers. This idea might seem rather conventional and hardly likely to surprise your girlfriend but the trick lies in the timing.

Let her shop ‘til she drops. Most girl enjoy finding a great deal, so why not give her the opportunity to hunt some down while you carry the bags?

Take her for a horseback ride out in the country, then kill her a deer with your bow, cook it on an open fire under the stars at night, and then frolic together through an enchanted woodland scene.

If you two have a “special song”, then set her alarm clock to play that song one morning. Hide little notes in places she will see during the day that have lyrics from the song. You could put one by her toothbrush, one lying on her shoe, one taped to her steering wheel, etc.

Prepare a night all about her favorite things to show her how much you know about her. Prepare her favorite meal on her favorite colored dishes. Follow up with snuggling on the couch and enjoying her favorite movie.

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