5 Signs That Your Relationship Doesn’t Work

All relationships have their ups and downs, peaks and troughs. On many occasions, we believe that passing a bad time is normal and that sooner or later this will come to an end, so we do not realize that took months or years without the relationship shows signs of improvement.

Sometimes we pretend not accept that our partner can not provide the happiness that we gave in the beginning, so we ignore the signs that our relationship sends us, and yet are present in our daily lives. Here are ten possible signs that something is wrong, although not necessarily imply that the situation is hopeless or that we can not put something on our part to overcome.

Few couples work if they can not trust each other to tell any cosa1.

1. You do not have sex with your partner

In contemporary society, most people consider the vitality of a relationship is closely linked with a good sex life. Although not always have to be so, it is true that a complete disappearance of sexual encounters is a sign that something is wrong, especially if the situation is prolonged in time. Sometimes, due to sexual problems that need to be solved from a medical standpoint. Other times it is something temporary, related to stress and fatigue. But at other times, it is no longer even considered the possibility of us sleep with our partner, a clear sign that something is wrong.

2. The intimacy is gone

The first days, months, weeks and years of a relationship often found full of caresses, kisses and other physical expressions of emotional closeness. The disappearance of these signs of affection is a sign that we have moved away from our family, since we no longer see the need to express ourselves feel our affection. It is normal over time reduce our demonstrations in this regard, but for months that we are not even able to give a good night kiss your partner, it may be time to rethink our relationship.

3. It costs you tell things

The ideal partner is, at least at first, one that understands you perfectly, listening carefully to everything you say and who seems to know from your childhood. Few couples work if they can not trust each other to tell anything. If you notice that you do not feel the same need to talk to your partner and tell your day, your fears and ambitions, insecurities and desires, and prefer contárselos to a friend, relative or stranger, chances are your relationship is starting to crack. It may happen that, even though you wish that your partner will listen, this is indifferent, not interested in what you say or do not understand directly what you want to tell: bad sign.

4. Whenever you call

Two-way communication and is symmetric about vital in a partner. At the beginning of the relationship, when the lovers first meet, the desire to be with each other is so strong that contact usually be attempted by both parties. Although it is usually difficult to both partners act exactly in the moment you stop calling, contact, write or make time to meet with your partner and the other who made every effort to schedule an appointment, chances are that it obviates the possibility of contact has lost much of interest in your partner.

5. See your friends over to your partner

A negative consequence of loving commitment is to give our friends and family to spend as much time absorbed by our partner. Similarly, reverse the situation and let the time we spend with our friends is more than we spend on our partners is a sign that something is wrong. We must also ask why cause you relationship with our partner and our friends is something exclusive, when in most cases can be combined without problems, so that our boyfriend or husband is also part of our circle of friends.

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