5 Things Girls Love To Hear from You

Things Girls Love To Hear from You

I think you’re beautiful. It doesn’t matter how high a woman’s self-esteem is, these words are needed and desired by every woman in a committed relationship.

I’m listening. It seems like guys have a hard time with this one. Blame it on the wiring of their brains, or whatever, but it is hard to grab a guys full attention in a lot of cases.

You’re Perfect for Me. As a savvy single, having a positive self image is essential. However, with the constant media focus on attaining skinny, gorgeous, perfect looks, it’s all too easy to fall prey to insecurities and uncertainty.

I love you. Okay guys, if you haven’t gotten this one down already, good luck! Don’t just assume that we know that you love us.

Why don’t you relax this weekend. I’ll take care of the cooking and housework.

You’re Right. Be honest. Who doesn’t love hearing those two little words?

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