5 Things that Makes a Guy Ask You Out

Are you endlessly thinking to yourself of how to get a guy to like you? Are you longing to know ways of getting a guy to ask you out? Maybe you don’t want to approach him directly; you’re in the office at work together, or for whatever reason it would just be highly inappropriate.

Get Noticed. Okay so you may or may not have been admiring this campus cutie from afar. Now that you’re interested, you have to put yourself on his radar. Whether it’s sitting next to him in class on a regular basis or mentioning something to him in passing, it’s important that he starts to recognize who you are.

Let him know you’re looking out. Let him know that you’re looking out and ready for a relationship. Once you’ve warmed him up with lots of together time and happy conversations, if there’s ever a chance of being together, he should know that you’re available for him if he musters the courage to ask you out.

Establish a friendship. The more comfortable he is around you, the more likely he is to ask you out. But if you’re too shy to get near him, he may think you’re not ready or that you’re not his type. Be confident and keep your head up high.

Ask him for help with something. If you ask him to help you fix something that’s broken in your house, for instance, he might feel that you are asking him because you like him.

When you have put all of these things together, there is every reason that he will take the bait and ask you out. All you have to do is put forth a bit of effort and let him know that you are available as well as approachable, and he will be brave enough to ask you out.

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