5 Tips to Keep Your Relationship Fresh

New relationships are exciting and invigorating. How can you keep that spunk and vitality in a long term relationship?

Prepare a romantic getaway. Whether it’s a night, weekend or week away, create some just-the-two-of-you time.

Give each other some space. Make it okay to spend time apart and encourage it — you will appreciate each other more.

Make love often and with passion. The beauty of a long term sexual relationship is that the intimacy builds over the years. That intimacy makes sex much more genuine, gratifying and fulfilling.

Surprise each other. A small trip minus children or idea of another honeymoon can help you rediscover your relationship. In this way you can recreate those moments when nothing mattered to you guys other than being together.

Tune into your fantasies.Your sex life is an important part of your energy system. In fact, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, treating tan t’ien is likely to enhance and release new sexual energies to promote overall health.

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