5 Tips To Kiss A Girl In Under 30 Minutes

Ever dreamed to kiss the girl you want to meet you soon? I bet if all you ever have done, but it seems that such a thing can only make a man too handsome or money …

Anyone can do it if you know what to do. So here are the 5 techniques to kiss a stranger.

1 – Approaches

To know is first necessary to address it, there are many methods to do and you can find on my website, but more important is the exception to the rule and not come as all the other boys to “Want to dance?” or “Would you buy you a drink?”, you have to be cute or get the answer she has given all the other “No want”.

2 – Lead

If you earn it you have to show that those in charge and know what they want, so it is important to lead it through the den, bar, mall or wherever you are. You’ll have to start out small and move slowly to make her feel safe with you and know that you are sure you know yourself and make decisions, this will make her feel attracted to you.

3 – Touching

You can not kiss a girl without physical contact before you started, just would be very rare. It would be like a salesman trying to sell their product without talk of him, nobody would buy it. So start with the shoulder or arm and slowly is climbing to feel comfortable with your touch, from his hands to his face, begins playfully and continues to increasingly assertive and seductive.

It will be more difficult to kiss her if she continues with her friends, so it will be necessary to isolate even a few feet of them. Since you trust her and that this used to be led by you, is easy to do. Just tell him you want to show something or to accompany you to the bar or track and so on. Once there you can make the last step.

Go for the kiss

For a kiss YOU need to go for it. If you wait for her to do just those in trouble, that 99% of the time it happens, so get well these pants, all a man and go for the kiss.

“What if I refuse?”

If she rejects you can apply something I like to call “technical rebound” to take advantage of the fact that you kiss has refused to create more attractive, an example of this technique is:

El: Verne in the eye and tell me HONESTLY do not like (with grin)

Over 90% of the time will be nervous and can not see you in the eye and tell you, that’s when you kiss. When she refuses to kiss boyfriend is because he is faithful or because he feels he is not the right time, but later does not mean it can not give.

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