7 Cheap Date Ideas for Couples

Contrary to popular belief, you really don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great time. Here is a list of ideas for cheap, fun dates, as well as some great free date ideas.

Spend a minute browsing our list, and be sure to share your ideas with us!

Slow dance in your own home with your own perfect love songs playing in the background.

The Sunset Hike. Going for a meandering walk with no real destination can be fun, but hiking to the top of an easy to get to peak to watch the sun go down gives you purpose. Keep it to under 45 minutes.

Learn how to do a strip-tease and perform it for your partner.

Pack a picnic and take your date for a bike ride to a secluded location for a special, inexpensive getaway.

Check with your local parks and recreation for the schedule of summer dramatic and musical performances in the parks. Prepare a picnic supper, take in the concert, then go for a quiet stroll after the show.

Spend a day together at the beach. You can snorkel and explore sea life, collect sea shells and driftwood, go for a swim, or have a rock skipping contest.

Going out to see a movie is always a time honored tradition; if you’re lucky she’ll like horror movies and you’ll get to “protect her.”

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