About our sexual intelligence

It says that sex is the second braind. Sexual attitudes are flexible and can change. We all have something to learn – and to forget – about sex.

Accepting these ideas, we get to a lower stres, better couple relations, a healthier life overall. And of course, a more satisfying sexual life. Problems may appear during sexual activities, but sex must be respected, the same as our bodies must be respected and special treated, appreciated. Be careful when you choose your partner, he must respect you as a person, your body and your intimacy, otherwise you won`t be happy with your sexual life together.

During sexual activity, there is a conscience of body language and partners must indentify it when they communicate through their bodies: when your bodies sexual communicate, there are some facial expressions, smiles, mimics which help in reading the person; the balance between body and soul appears with the help of our body.

One of the sexual intelligence is to be learned, experimented and shared global love, universal sex. According to Conrad and Milburn (studies),  sexual intelligence is determined by three essential factors: the scientific infos about the sexuality, knowing our sexual „being” – thoughts, emotions, actions, sex things we like or not; ability yo connect to the other persons.

To reach sexual fulfillness, we need a healthy sex, intimate sex, erotic sex, spiritual sex and erotic intelligence.

Erotic intelligence reffers to our ability to make sexual choices which complete our lives in a healthy, creative, interesting way. In a healthy relationship, erotism is the wanted looking of the pleasure, for the sake of connecting with ourselves and with our partner without an orgasm or an explicit sexual contact.

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