At a date – what to do or not to do?

Guys, turn around if you don`t like that. Women have certain rules to be considered when they enter in the dating zone.

You must always look good no matter what income you have. A gorgeous hair and a little lipstick will make his head turn. You have the advantage. You’re a woman. You must always look good because you could meet a potential “Mr. Perfection” anywhere, anytime.
Never tell information that you doesn`t have to give. A mysterious woman turn men crazy. Continue reading At a date – what to do or not to do?

The desire to fall in love

I do not know if it happened to you, but it happened to me … I fell in love with a smile. Many may think it`s silly and say you cannot just fall in love with a smile, a gesture.

But until it’s love … ohoooo long way. The others say that everything starts from a smile, then you love the way of being, his eyes twinkle when you look … Continue reading The desire to fall in love

Some dating rules for guys

Relations don`t have rules, to be understood. But in some cases you can use some “tricks” to get the desired result. So if you’re going to “get your hands” Prince Charming (i don`t know what I have with this, I still love to write the name), listen these rules.
They aren`t cast in stone so you can adjust to your relationship, whether it is an early one or a experienced one.

1. Try to always look good and be punctual to dates. Continue reading Some dating rules for guys

Strange, but effective places to meet guys

It appears that you have searched all the places where you can find the right partner but nothing appeared? Have you thought that you might not be looking in the right place? Love often arises from the most unexpected places. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing every time, but expecting a different result, then perhaps you should do something to change the technique of flirting.
Continue reading Strange, but effective places to meet guys

Learning to access dating sites

When it comes to dating sites, there are very few rules. For this reason, you will find all sorts of lies, flattery, and unethical practices in online dating. Sometimes it’s so bad that some single people are tempted to abandon their continuous looking for a partner in those places.
Well, you should not give up so soon. Fortunately, there’s still hope. The Internet is so big and you mstn`t have to allow some unscrupulous people stop you in finding your soul mate online. Here are some tips that may help. Continue reading Learning to access dating sites

How to find your dream guy!

We know you’re confident and you do not need a man to feel fulfilled, but there comes a day when even the most avid supporters of loneliness will want someone. If this is the case with you, we suggest to take these four tips that will help you find a lover. Don`t you know that this is the century of speed and dating? Continue reading How to find your dream guy!