Who`s the guy you wanna date with?

Either you met him online or on the street, which is rare, or you haven`t met him yet, it is a good idea to find out more about the guy you wanna date, before the first date. At least, learn while you can, find out more details from the other nickname from your chat window. Here some advice about what you should know about him before dating.
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Girls guide for first dates

Any girl knows that it helps to always have a help kit because it doesn`t matters how good the plan goes, accidents may happen. So is with dating, with dates, especially the blind ones and the first dates. You both talked for weeks on the Internet, you liked each other and you want to meet. A single gal need a survival kit at a first date.
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Cheating – what it means

It is hard to say what cheating means, by definition. Talking to someone, the fantasies, conversations, a kiss, a touch, the promises – what is cheating? When does a person cross the limit? You must have sex with a person to be considered cheating? Most of the people will think about a person that is unfaithful, especially a guy, if is a player or a pimp.
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Where are the men you`re looking for?

Where are the places full of men or are they everywhere? Where we can find single men, depending what you`re looking for? Well, the place isn`t a scuse. You can meet them everywhere…except at home. If you`re one of the women who walk to the office, then to your bed. You must want to meet someone, even if, as a single girl, you`ll say of course you want. Most of the single women are single because, they say, didn`t met the right guy. What i don`t understand is, that the probability to run over your suposed right guy  rise in the same time with the number of men you know. If you are single, an intense social life is exactly what you need.
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Reaching the orgasm can be learn!

The definition of the frigidity  is that: a woman status who confronts with difficulties in reaching orgasm and even in receiving good sensations during an intimate meeting. Frigidity is a sexual disfunction which manifests indifference and aversion to sexual activity, lack of sexual desire and incapacity to reach orgasm. Continue reading Reaching the orgasm can be learn!