How to Kiss Your Girlfriend

We all know that kissing a girl for the first time is the hardest part of a relationship, especially if your partner is not yet.

I do not recommend it planned a kiss, go out for a good ride until he gets tired and asks you to sit on a bench. At the time of sitting, remember to please do it as close as possible without stick to it.

Talk a bit about the topics of conversation they leave, you have to try to tire the conversation, talk, laugh, jokes, and then when you tire of speaking, he put one arm behind and if you notice that you feel uncomfortable, get close to it (stay away slowly because it gives the feeling that you intend for something) then caress her face and hair very gently.
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How to be cool in front of a woman

How to become their new desire that the question was left unresolved in the previous article, remembering those words had mentioned to give value to a woman’s appearance was not important or material, but things that are not related to the logic, rather it is related with the emotion of women.

Let us allow her to become his new desire becomes an interesting challenge to examine, first because you have to fight his past beliefs, that is, the confrontation will be achieved when you start to show totally innovative attitudes in the art of attraction , or do you feel things that probably no other man would have been felt, so she will come into this paradox: the feelings felt by those who now feel they are doing.

Turn will be undecided and generate very positive actions you because you’re making it a premise of the attraction … You’re confusing. Continue reading How to be cool in front of a woman

Seduce girls according to their classification

There are several types of girls, and depending on what kind of girl either X or Y is applied strategy, because with it a little harder and with other more mild.

However, this classification depends on their physical beauty, but rather his personality and experience you have in the field of seduction.

Some women classified as “normal,” difficult “,” easy “,” with high ego, “” spoiled “,” impossible “, some others will use a range of 1 to 10 to estimate what they face, and so on.
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Best Online Dating Tips for Guys

Most people who fail in the dating websites online, not all! Those who fail with online dating, fail due to a very important factor and that the final death to succeed with women online.

Men who subscribe to these sites and never get the attention of even a woman should have this simple factor …

1. Remember that women always have all the power.

As I said before, what works in the street, also works in online dating. You have to stand out from the crowd, have to be smart in the same way you do if you approach a girl in a bar or supermarket. You have a good time to do these things, if you’re not having fun, you will not succeed. To make your online dating profile stand out above the others, instead of saying “I love to travel,” shares a story about one of the places you’ve ever visited. Continue reading Best Online Dating Tips for Guys

How to get back the girl you love

If you’re totally lost, with the need to know how to recover the woman he loved, a product of a breakup just lost, and not feel depressed, because here you have moral support and let you know how to tell your partner to back you.

First of all you must remember that perseverance is a good ally to fight for what you want in life, so if you are rejected at the start no return to decay, you just have to be constant.

What it takes to do good deeds in an attempt to recover at the woman he loves is to improve your image and your mind know that it will depend on your confidence and your self-esteem back and not degraded. Dress up and go for a walk or do a favorite sport, do what you enjoy doing. Continue reading How to get back the girl you love

10 Tips to flirt very effective

In this article I want to extend the list of top tips for love, naming 10 of the most important. Hope you are helpful, and you achieve love that woman.

– Tip # 1: The first printing. Obviously it’s always good to make a good first impression, vistiéndote good, clean, clothes to suit you, lotion, etc.. But this sometimes depends on the tastes that has the person you want love, but usually with have a decent picture to win.

– Tips to love # 2: The fastest and simplest way to break the ice with a smile, makes you feel the other person that you are having fun with her and show interest.

– Tip # 3: Be unique and interesting. Each person is different from the others, and that’s what makes us real. Do not try to pretend to be someone else, be yourself, talk about things that you really like and make you different from others, and have the opportunity to interest you.
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I fall for a girl! Is it serious?

It fell on thee like that, without warning. Yes, you have super strong feelings for a girl! And inevitably, you ask yourself a billion questions: what if it was love? And if you were gay?

STOP! No need to get excited. Teemix is ​​here to help you take stock of your emotions first and get a clearer picture in your head and your heart before you make a “coming out” that would not necessarily be needed.

Not Without My “best”!

You share absolutely everything from clothes to CDs, through the heart for the guys out of trouble or with parents.

Your name even by pet names as a real couple, you sometimes make you small kisses on the mouth and as you get fits of jealousy when one or the other is dating a guy … All this forces you t’angoisse and therefore ask you one final question: “What if I was in love with her?”.

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How to make a girl fall in love with you in 20 simple steps

Undoubtedly the game of seduction has become very precious to men today, it seems that the days where men used to go out with confidence the girls have disappeared, but what happened? Just as some evolutionary man has lost this natural magic, the magic is attractive to believe that confidence naturally without looking elsewhere or situations.

How to compliment a woman you just met

It happens all the time. Find a scheming woman and feel you

have to talk to her or live with regret for the rest of your life. How do you praise without seeming too pushy? Or worse, in bad taste?

1) Think about commenting actions instead of looking. “Great move!” To the one on the dance floor, or “healthy diet” for the girl who is buying vegetables at the supermarket.

2) He praises a woman for her wit or intelligence (“What a joke so funny”, “good idea!”) Rather than by their beautiful property. She likes attention to something of its essence.
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How to forgive your girlfriend

When your girlfriend betrays you, the pain can be excruciating. Forgiveness seems inconceivable while the incident is still fresh in your mind.

Depending on how much value has your relationship with her, you may want to reconcile. If this is the case, this guide can help you.

Do not even consider starting this guide until you feel ready to forgive. Forcing yourself to forgive someone before you are ready only worsen the problem.
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