Hand and finger techniques for erotic massage

In fact almost all massage can become erotic, depends on the masseuse, or who receives it and wish that the end touching and rubbing or stimulating appetite arousing sexual fantasies.

The effectiveness of these massages depends largely on the skill of hands and fingers to press rhythmically partner’s body, combining all the existing methods and thus enhance the ultimate pleasure. It is important to maintain a steady cadence, slow movements, making sure they glide smoothly over the body, exerting pressure always nice and stable. Continue reading Hand and finger techniques for erotic massage

5 sex tips to be more attractive

Life is a project, our intimate life is too, needs to have purpose and goals. It is always necessary to give a few pushes to regain the desire and passion in sex. It’s time to be a woman a little more daring to break the routine and conquer new frontiers in sex.

Here are 10 great tips to regain warm moments with your partner.

1. Forget the fatigue and stress

The worst enemies of sex are the stress, responsibilities, lack of sleep and fatigue. And women suffer all these problems very often.
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Different Ways to Kiss

There are many ways to kiss, that’s a reality. We all know because we’ve all given a kiss and we know the difference between the different ways of kissing is evident.

You need to know that there are ways to find kissing seduce women
For example, in forms of kissing, you must agree to know how to kiss with tongue is not the same be able to give a tender kiss or know how to give kisses. Every kiss has its place and time,-that is clear, right?

– However you need to know how to kiss so you know to master the different existing forms of kissing.
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Top tricks to know how to give a french kiss

The tongue kissing is one of the most popular forms in the world of kisses. Everyone can remember how it happened to the innocence of my first kiss to the excitation of the tongue kisses. Kissing with tongue, therefore, mark a before and after in the life of a person and how to kiss.

In the courtship ritual between men and women kissing, kissing, whether with tongue or soft kisses, have a fundamental role and priority. That is why we must know the kind of kiss we must take in every moment, as this will ensure you gain confidence in the field of relationships.
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Signs that your boyfriend will dump you

When we love we rarely deal with some situations that arise over the relationship and that are obvious. Sometimes your partner wants to take a break away and do not have the guts to tell you but actions speak louder than words and is easy to see that this is happening.

Unfortunately men are not able to cope with such situations, but for us it is much more important to talk, sit down and putting things and reach agreements, and it hurts in the soul a break, but it’s better to know things as they are not openly, as they opt for the solution of a coward to the end that we end up making the decision ourselves.

For this reason this paper is devoted, to know the signs that he wants and not terminating you can say:

1. Change in behavior
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5 tips for single girls

More and more single women who want to find someone to share his life. There are some infallible key to make friends and win love from the single. If you want to spend to be odd and even, as soon as possible, you should continue reading!

1 .  The great adventure of dating

The foray into the world of dating can be an exhilarating and fun. You can find that special person that can change and illuminate your life.

You can arrange meetings with several different people, then decide which of them want to have a relationship with you rather start a friendship. In fact, many people living alone prove how their relationships will naturally multiply, because when living with a partner were lavished less with others.

2.  Join a singles club

In most large cities such circles work or arrange meetings, trips and outings, for people who share similar circumstances and are consistent both culturally and economically.

3.  Rules for the first round

When attending for the first look to a meeting with a stranger, choose simple talking points, avoiding the issues too close, or spiny, such as politics or religion. Unless you have a particularly compelling or interesting, do not need to mention too many details of your life. Nor do you focus on your problems or conflicts. And as far as possible avoided all the time talking about your ex, is a clear sign that you have not turned the page to your breakup, separation or divorce.

4.  Recover the initiative

If you find someone like him in a group of people, the first step and ask the phone number back to see you alone, with a certain plan that does not involve personal contact too long and narrow: for example take a coffee and then go to an exhibition. People often get good deals those determined, provided they are reasonable.

5. Internet dating

More and more people choose Internet alone to find his mate. For this there are two basic options: games portals, that in exchange for a monthly fee, in charge of contacting people seeking friendship or partner, and share certain affinities, and on the other hand, the chats: free forums where people communicate through text messages, and often found in people of different profiles and cultural level.

Tips for getting your partner if you were unfaithful

You have a long relationship in which I felt were missing some things, but you were weak and were unfaithful, but this never went through your head and your partner became aware or you tell yourself, but you’re very sorry and all who want to return to his side, recover his love and trust but do not know how. This article is dedicated to grant you some tips that can help you save your relationship after the infidelity.

Tips for getting your partner if she were unfaithful

Bear in mind that no one would like to go through this great pain of infidelity, which is why you get into your shoes to know what may be going through your head and feeling. On many occasions when you feel that regret after an affair, we often promise things like “that will not happen again” and of course your partner will not believe you because the first thing is that you think will care more for the next time he does not account, but that it will never cease to be, so we must be very careful when trying to convince him to return with you. Continue reading Tips for getting your partner if you were unfaithful

Types of Guys to Avoid

Types of Guys to Avoid

1. Dominant

Such men are those who want or intend to be right all the time, besides that it’s always telling you what to do or not. He is always perfect, and things will be done as he says, if not are wrong. Talk with him is hell because it always leaves you above arguments and makes you feel stupid for not being able to defend your point of view. This is the type of man who has the luxury of saying you’re fat or do not like how you dress. Besides that there are some that when the relationship to move to a more serious background as living together or getting married, end up not letting you work, will become your personal driver, will choose the clothes, not let you go alone, ETC. away from him, basically the insecure they are.

2. Abuser

Such men are known simply by listening to them talk to the mother mistreated, abused women all across it and obviously you will not be the exception, but when you decide to leave because of their abuse will always end up crying, begging, bearing gifts and promising things “this will never happen again, is that you got me so mad and I reacted like that …” but at the end and when you least expect will come back to mistreat. Do not let this happen abuse complaint, always stay away from these men. You can recognize for example when family visits at any time within the conversation comes out a cry to his mother or his sister for no reason.
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Things not to do after a break-up

Given a separation either dating or marriage, there are things you can do to endure the pain and cope better with the process, but there are things NOT to do.

When we are at that stage of denial and desire for answers, make many mistakes that all you get is further away that person, therefore avoid doing the things you list as follows:

Never think you’re ugly or worthless, it is not. If someone has done that does not mean you’re not a person of worth and great, what happens is that the other person is not in love with you. Continue reading Things not to do after a break-up

5 Tips To Kiss A Girl In Under 30 Minutes

Ever dreamed to kiss the girl you want to meet you soon? I bet if all you ever have done, but it seems that such a thing can only make a man too handsome or money …

Anyone can do it if you know what to do. So here are the 5 techniques to kiss a stranger.

1 – Approaches

To know is first necessary to address it, there are many methods to do and you can find on my website, but more important is the exception to the rule and not come as all the other boys to “Want to dance?” or “Would you buy you a drink?”, you have to be cute or get the answer she has given all the other “No want”. Continue reading 5 Tips To Kiss A Girl In Under 30 Minutes