Tips on how to ask the phone number to a girl

Ask the phone number to a woman can be difficult for a man. But the more you do, the easier it gets. The truth is that most girls are willing to give your phone number if someone asks. There is no science to find a way to do it, just decide and proceed.

Here is a brief guide to how:

Trust yourself. Confidence is sexy, and has nothing to do with how beautiful or handsome you are. Just believe in yourself and approach it safely. You can be proud of who you are regardless of whatever.

Do not fear rejection. Many men would never ask for your number to a girl for fear of being told no. Fear not, once you realize that the worst that can happen is not so bad, you start to get closer to more girls. Return to step one, trust yourself. No matter if she says no. Continue reading Tips on how to ask the phone number to a girl

Ways to seduce a shy girl

I’ve always said that not all the seduction techniques work with all girls, all those pages that believe they have the foolproof strategy to conquer any woman is a farce, at least my experience has shown.

You better describe the steps you follow to win shy girls:

How have fast sex with a stranger girl

I always wanted to avoid these kinds of issues, not because unknown but simply disagree with these things. Sex for one night is not what catches my attention, but there are times when the situation lends itself to sin.

And today I want you out there are many doubts about this sex quickly and also say what will make you successful with your hunt ephemeral.

In a first step to have quick sex is not for weak or men who spend their parents making complaints, what I mean by that is that you have great confidence and daring especially in the words you use to convince the girl they sleep with you. Continue reading How have fast sex with a stranger girl

How to seduce an independent girl

Some women do not always wait for a man to invite them out or always pay the bill, are those girls who work because they really like the independence, do not need a man to get ahead; seduction with these women based on that salary, that is, if she is a woman therefore you should alpha be as alpha it.

Having a steady job, make decisions, assertive, be the soul of the party, not letting others sabotage you … are things that attract women alpha independent. They need men of character, not fear them and are able to master, to take the bull by the horns. Someone cowardly, weak, timid and very little capacity for survival is far to seduce a woman of such caliber, although there are some that want to supplement their attitude looking for a man contrary to them, that is, all the qualities that had said before: shy, those who do not want problems with anyone, and so on.

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The first kiss, what to avoid and what to do

For many women the first kiss means something secret, is that depending on how well it She called a man, that is, define if you have never kissed a woman, if exhilarating, even if it is good practice cunnilingus.

With a first kiss can also excite the woman, and exaggerated and realistic way, you will get wet a little, in fact, to take it to bed for you to go through this approval, that first kiss will be your passport: if everything is in order, you can continue with the game.
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Making that first phone call

It is always difficult to make that first call that we all have a little fear. In the following article you will see how to do it without hesitation and say the right words at the right times.

You should find a comfortable and quiet place to make the call. Make sure that nobody can bother you and be silent. It is very important that you thought all the topics you want to talk. This way, you will never silent. It is always uncomfortable lying speechless.
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How to ask out the ex partner of your friend

Hang out with the former partner of a friend is difficult to achieve and can be time consuming. There will always depend on the type of people they are. In the following article you’ll see what the best way to ask out the former partner of your friend without hurting anyone’s feelings.

This is not an easy situation. You sure you want to do and how you plan to do so. Always consider the feelings of your friend and the relationship you have with him.
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Tips to love and be loved as never before in your life!

Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.

Become a better person and make sure you know who you are before meeting someone else and expect them to know who you are.

Just because someone does not love you the way you want, does not mean they love you with all your being.

Do not cling to those you love. If you really love, let them be free, fly with their wings, grow as human beings.

Leads by example. If you want to be loved, love your first.

Tell your partner today (present or future, you have it or not) “I love you not only for who you are but for who I am when I’m with you.”
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10 mating rituals to inject romance to your relationship

No matter how many years next to his mate … if the love is there among you always have the ability to enhance or revive their relationship using a certain amount of effort and a lot of goodwill. Does it cost? … Yes, but the results are well worth it!

Treat your partner as you would your best friend giving you attention and careful manners. Give thanks and be nice: reissue their first dates, those who both went out of pleasure, and comfort.

Practice the art of praise. Make the effort to say something nice to your partner regarding your physical or intellectual or spiritual qualities daily. Continue reading 10 mating rituals to inject romance to your relationship

5 common sex mistakes among couples

The main reason for having sexual problems is usually lack of communication leading to shut up or hide what makes us uncomfortable or angry at the sexual level. It is feared to hurt the other or feel fear of their possible reaction.

1) Do not you dare say that you are not satisfied: Turns out he tries, but still can not find your areas of greatest pleasure and encourage you as you’d like. Or is it going too fast or too slow. This does not mean it is dull in bed. He can not guess what you want done or what you’d rather not do, while not tell. Do it the right time and the right tone. Most probably feel relieved to know that, henceforth, will satisfy you better. Continue reading 5 common sex mistakes among couples