Effective Messages You Can use to win his heart.

The words you use have power. They can inspire and win over a man and get noticed before. What are the words that can be used effectively for the attention of a man?

Here is a list of effective phrases you can use to win her heart.

1. I like to see you again

2. I can really trust you

3. How do you know all this? I am very impressed

4. I had never met a man like you

5. I like who I am when I’m with you

6. I am honored to meet you

7. You’re so funny!

8. You’re still single?

10. I like men like you trust

11. Hey, you have a special talent

12. I think you can do

13. I believe in you when I say …

14. Sure you can do it.

15. You have great ideas

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