Gestures will tell if a woman is interested in you

One of the most important things to understand the techniques to attract a woman, and therefore, to seduce her, either by tying in a club or a gym, is to look at those little things that give us the key to what she thinks about us.

Then we leave the 10 gestures that tell you whether she is interested in you:

Baja flirty look, you realize that you look and look back, low, hiding a smile. If you see her gaze meets yours for more than three times, do not hesitate, tea is looking at you and therefore feel concerned.

Se bites her lip – If you constantly bites his lip when he talks about you, is that you feel attracted to you, throw yourself!

Change the intonation of the voice, one of the things that make women more regularly when talking to a man they like, is to change the intonation of his voice softened. If every time you are directed to do so tender and sweet, this girl is dying to know further.

Dilate their pupils, if you speak when your pupils dilate to the absolute limits, is a clear plus sign is for you.

La position of your body – If when you sit close to her see that her body bends or driving in your direction, is that the attraction to you is greater than it seems.

She touches her hair – If you are close to you and does nothing but wrap a strand of her hair in one of the fingers of your hand, you can be sure that girl is anxious to have you close and a way to show it is just touching the hair. If you do this consistently, talk, who knows if you are the man of her life.

Any excuse to touch – he human being feels the need to touch what he likes, so if constantly seeking contact, is looking for something with you.

Say your name – if you speak when repeated on a regular basis your name, is another symptom that is attracted to you. As human beings we need to pronounce the name of the person we like it because naming seems to be ours, if only for a moment.

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