Hand and finger techniques for erotic massage

In fact almost all massage can become erotic, depends on the masseuse, or who receives it and wish that the end touching and rubbing or stimulating appetite arousing sexual fantasies.

The effectiveness of these massages depends largely on the skill of hands and fingers to press rhythmically partner’s body, combining all the existing methods and thus enhance the ultimate pleasure. It is important to maintain a steady cadence, slow movements, making sure they glide smoothly over the body, exerting pressure always nice and stable.

Known massage techniques is time to start

– Wash and dry hands thoroughly. Have on hand a massage lubricant you might have added two drops of essential oil of cinnamon, a powerful aphrodisiac.

– Put your face down and caressed partner, applying some force with your fingers, back, shoulders, arms, buttocks, thighs and calves. This lets your partner begins to relax.

– Combine the four techniques described above and is getting close, do not massage directly to the erogenous zones of your partner.

Once started the massage should not stop, rhythmic rubbed Continual with short massages and alternating with longer and vice versa.

– Use your body weight rather than using the strength of your arms, and try not to lean completely on the bed or massage table.

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