How hormones affect us

Hormones rather than actually affecting their reproductive systems. Sex hormones are stimulated by the hypothalamus (located brain) and the gonads (ovaries in women and testes in men). In both sexes are segregated male and female hormones, although to a lesser extent those that are not characteristic of our sex.

Androgens are male hormones, the most important of which is testosterone. This seems to be directly related to more aggressive behaviors, hence, in general, men are more violent.

The quintessential female hormones are estrogen, involved in regulating the menstrual cycle and affect the ovulation and pregnancy, among many other functions. Act directly on the mood and sexual desire.

But what are these famous and unknown until recently hormones? Because it is produced by chemical-called endocrine glands, which act as messengers to other cells to function properly or, rather, part of our development.

However, the proper functioning of hormones also causes some emotional imbalances, as I mentioned at the beginning, “to be overcome when we become young or returning for a short time, for example, when women comes the period menstrual.

Each boy or girl has a very personal time in which the hormones do their work. Perhaps in some cases faster and slower in others, but eventually, after all finish their development. However, when we noticed that some change stops or accelerates, for example, such as growth, should see a doctor (an endocrinologist) to tell us if our concern is correct or not and take appropriate action.

For our hormones are not as “riots”, it is recommended sports and the number of hours sleep due-nine-eight, lying almost at the same time every day. Likewise, we must take a balanced diet, preferably, in the diet from a nutritionist.

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