How to flirt to show interested

You are attending to a party where you meet someone you really like. Or is someone near you who tries to catch your eye. You don`t even realise when it happens, but both of you start chatting and smiling, having fun. He finds excuses to touch you and to hold your gaze. Definitely, that person is flirting with you, but you know that because even if you may not realise it, you`re an expert in flirting and body language, no?

Some signs that he is interested in you is his look, his way of listening and his way of socialising. First of all, it is known that men look at women who look attractive. When you see his look, simply smile at him and keep the contact for several seconds, then look away. This simple gesture invites him to a further converstion.

Secondly, nothing is more annoying for guys than to get caught in a conversation with a not interesting person. If he listens to how you talk about your job, your friends and other personal interests, for more than 5 minutes, then he is interested in you.

The rule of dating is that if you simply flirt with a person, there are 50% chances to say „yes”. The smart ones get involved in your friends circle to get close to you. Don`t feel threatened if he is talking to your friend, maybe he is interested in you.

What would dating be without flirting? Because flirting is funny and it initiates some successful relationships. It is basic. So, besides laughind, touching, smiling, staring, there are another signes of interest to express: prolonged eye contact, dilated pupils, arched eyebrows, winking, blinking, licking lips, pulling your chest outward, crossing legs, open-legged posture. Other forms of behavior are: any form o touching, playing with hands, shy attitude. When you get involved in a conversation with him, give him hints: laugh, whisper to him, asking personal questions, showing interest in love.

However, when you flirt, it is good to show interest in getting to know better a person, in a respectful way, without pickup lines, aggressive behavior, inappropiately being. The person near you must feel special and attractive, not intimidated!

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