How to manage your emotions?

How many times have you said: “I am … (angry, anxious, worried, etc..) And yet still I can not help? We generally think that we can not control what we feel. That when we get angry, anxious or depressed, we can not do anything about it.

However, this is not true.

Have you noticed that the same situation, not everyone feels the same?

Do you know what is that?

The feelings are directly related to our thoughts and if two people think differently to the same event have different feelings.

The feelings can arise in two ways:

1.  A physiological activation status (physical changes in the body) thoughts (situation assessment) = feeling.

2. Thoughts situation (situation assessment) physiological arousal (physical changes in the body) = feeling.

When thoughts are negative, the sentiment is negative, when positive, the feeling is too.

Here is an example.

In the first case, there is a stimulus or situation:

Restrains a car abruptly behind us.

This causes a physical response in our body: the heart beats fast us, we are cool hands, etc…

Evaluate and think negatively about what happened: “What horror almost hits me,” I could have killed him. ”

These thoughts keep and increase the fear and anxiety.

In the second case something similar happens, but first there are the thoughts and then activating the body and feeling.

Whenever we remember the event and started repeating the same thoughts, over and over again, we will experience symptoms of anxiety and fear.

Therefore, we must be careful with our thoughts, because they can maintain or enlarge an emotion and even make it out of proportion to the fact that caused it.

At first, when we try to change our thoughts, to alter and control our feelings, may be hard, because feelings come so fast that we are unaware of their training, or the thoughts involved.

That’s why we think that feelings are caused by something external.

In fact, not even a single thought, is a dialogue we have within us, with astonishing speed with which we describe, judge and label everything that happens around us.

Therefore, to reduce the emotion, you must realize, what we are thinking and if possible, what we think in the moments leading up to the excitement.

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