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How to Pick Up a Girl: 5 essential steps

The first contact should be wearing a warm look, or suggestive or disinterested. Let him know the person who notes his presence without feeling intimidated. To that end, looks can be casual, as if deep down we do not care, that is, a healthy balance between “I Care” and “I notice you’re not there”

• After the first eye contact, you miss a period and approach her. Hazle a casual question, a question I would ask someone of the same sex. Not feel shy or ashamed, neither did she, as the question suggests nothing. However, now you’re talking!

• When answering your question, try to make a funny comment. Laughter is one of the biggest indicators of what the level of acceptance that we have with the person you speak. If you laugh, we are on track, sure.

• After the brief talk, give some air. Retire to get a drink, or talk to another group of friends without being rude. From your new location will ride a watchtower to monitor their movements. This will let you see if she follows you with his eyes, if you are aware of your movements. 50% of the art of seduction is based on this observation.

• After this short break, space in which we studied the reactions of our little person, it’s back to the load. However, this second approach will no longer have previously built traumatic because a relationship in which the differences are not a burden. The girl you approach no longer feel or intimidated, or embarrassing, or hostile. You somehow someone reasonably familiar to her. On this basis you slide your first sentence, your first intention to take the conversation to another level. Try to say something nice about it but do it gracefully, without drama. Smile will give you the verdict again about possibility of conquest. If you laugh, you know what happens.

• Upon retiring from the party, meeting, the local dance, makes clear your intention of seeing her again. You can give your email or your phone, or even make a new appointment since. You did it!

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