How to pick up on facebook chat

A lot of people ask me … I can use the play button on Facebook to start a conversation? Here’s the short answer … NO!

Sure, it’s a great tool for talking to your friends … but to meet and conquer beautiful women you barely know or do not know at all on Facebook? FOR NOTHING!

Use the play button of Facebook with a girl (or talk, kisses, etc) is pretty useless … I mean … attractive girls probably are “touched” many times on Facebook!

And in the same way, they pressured the “Delete” button to get rid of those annoying kids from desperate touches. I recently saw the Facebook profile of my girlfriend, and I almost dropped his jaw when I realized this.

She had literally dozens and dozens of guys who sent him “touch” to your Facebook profile, and your email account was full of announcements of guys who wanted to talk to her.

“Even I have time to get rid of those!” He told me once … was really annoying!

“Playing” a girl on Facebook is not original or funny … not transmit any force or attraction causes.

Rather than say “like”, which she did use to know her better, that is, look at the “like” you made so you know more about it. Now, going to the point of sending a message.

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