How to Seduce Girl in 6 Steps – Hot Tips and Tricks

How to Seduce Girl in 6 Steps

Here are some key concepts to keep in mind:

1. Think like a woman. This is difficult, of course, but the idea is starting to slow things down. Women are really smart and sensitive make sure you know what she want. Be smart.

2. Buy her a gift. All women are seduced by gifts but not let it show. You do not have to buy an expensive gift. Buy her a book, a chocolate or something. You get the point. A good idea would be to buy her a book with a sweet and romantic rendezvous. This is a great way to seduce a woman.

3. Start talking. Make her laugh. Women just love to laugh, it’s a fact. They are seduced by men with a quality sense of humor. But do not over do it. Do not talk so much about you or your achievements.

4. Try your best to please her first. If you’re stuck, ask her what she would like. If you give her pleasure, ultimately, first you are a winner. Got it. She will beg you for more. And then she will do her best to give you pleasure. And we all know what that means.

 5. Send her a  e-mail (not sexual but romantic and sweet). Leave  a mysterious and meaningful message to your threshold. Make sure she knows that you are working hard to seduce her. Only love men trying to maintain and make plans to seduce.

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