It is okay to have sex on a first date?

We all have heard about everything in our lives. From the experts, magazines, friends or our grandmas: if you sleep with a guy right from the first date or recently after you met him, he won`t want a relationship with you. Men love hunting and love dating. They lose their interest in girls who give up too easy and too soon.

But, according to a BettyConfidential study (a famous women magazine) who asked thousands of men about what are their true feelings about first date, the myth is taken away. The truth? They really like to have sex as soon as possible – shocking, huh? More surprisingly, none of the men declared that sex on a first date would stop them to have a serious relationship with that woman. Actually, many of them said that they had at least one serious relationships with a woman they had sex with, at their first date.

Still, it is not a rule of dating. At a date, both of you should look for common interests and hobbies, to try to find your sexual match while dating. If you have some sexual preferences, you must look for the right partner to share with. For women, the sex issue is a matter of integrity, somehow. However emancipated you may be, your greatest skill is your body. A guy attracted by you wants to have sex with you, but if you want for sure a relationship with him, it`s not recommended to have sex with him too soon. Unless if your purely sexual.

Sometimes it happens that men don`t want to have sex with a girl on a fist date, because they don`t think it is appropriate, even if they feel atracted by her. It is a matter of principle, of interests and of character. Men are hunters, they like to hunt something hard to get. It is obvious that this game playing-hard-to-get has its limits, so behave!

Always follow the wave: how do you both feel about each other, what do you both want and what do you feel.

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