Men…after sex

No matter how passionate, tender and hot was you sex night, you guy falls asleep, everytime. During ejaculation, men release a cocktail of chemicals – serotonin, oxitocin, prolactin. The last one, deeply in relation with sexual satisfaction, is guilty of „the after” sleep.

Men who lack in prolactin have shorter pauses between two intercourses. The level of prolactin is high during the sleep. That`s why injected animal with this hormone fall asleep immediately. So, prolactin is deeply bonded by sexual satisfaction and sleep.

It is interesting that men are sleepy only after sex with a partner, not after masturbation. For unknown reasons, during the orgasm, four times more prolactin is released than during an orgasm reached in masturbation. Next are oxitocin and vasopresin, chemicals both released during the ejaculation, are guilty of falling asleep, too. Most of the times, they come with the malatonin, a hormone which fix the biological clock. Oxitocin reduces, too, the level of stress and has the effect of relaxing and sleep.

Men`s favourite activity after sex, obviously, is to sleep, specially if he reached orgasm. But don`t take it personally, he doesn`t do it intentionally. That`s how his system reacts to total relaxation. Only 46% of women fall asleep after sex, comparative with 80% of men. Probably because the make more effort during the intercourse, so sleeping after it is normal. The only solution for your exhausted guy is to eat right away! But not anything: foods rich in carbohydrates – rice, potatoes, pastas. That if you have a solid motif to keep him awake. You don`t attract him with a discussion!

If he is a smoker, definitely he will light his cigarette after the last pleasure moans. Men preoccupied of cleaning and hygiene will take a shower after, others don`t. Snoring isn`t the worst thing ever happened after a sexual act. A study realised on 10 thousand britannics shoed that 48% of them really fall asleep during sex!

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