It`s time for sex toys!

There are so many toys in the world, but our favourite ones are sex toys! We are talking about dildos, vibrators, anal toys, vibrating rings etc. Let`s see what we`ve got!

Vibrators are some electric machines or batteries based which vibrates, offering sexual satisfaction. The secret of vibrtors which makes them very successful is that through them, the blood circulation the energy are enhanced in any part of the body touched by them. They are very versatile, different, used for extern and intern genital organs. The best known idea about sex toys is that they are used only by girls. But boys too, can enjoy these vibrations. It is a shame that adult toys weren`t more appreciated. Sex games mean a mutual consense of adults having fun. There`s nothing to attack to this kind of sex game, as long it is safe, healthy and mutual.

Dildos are sex toys which don`t vibrate, used for oral penetration ana or vaginal. They can look like an erect penis, some have small veins and testicles. The new stile of dildo comes in different and awkward forms, as art pieces. For that, we can visit Amsterda…anyway.  They are made from different materials, some easy to wash, others not so easy. There are different sizes, from the size of a finger to the one of a fist.

Anal toys existed long before our time, from Victorian England. They are made to be insered in the anus or to stimulate the nerve endings densely grouped around the anus. Some couples didn`t experiment these anal toys, some use them occasionally, others use them every time they have sex. Still, you must remember that for the „virgin” ones, the attitude must be: relaxed, open minded, slowly and with communication, because these toys can improve sexual life. Let`s have some fun and use some toys!

You`re dating and you`re not sexual compatible

If love at first sight does exist, we can`t tell the same thing about sexual compatibility at first sight. The many people experiences – psychologists, sex therapists – concluded that this sexual match is slowly created, trough both gradual involvement and open and sincere communication concerning your sexual pleasure and preferences. Continue reading You`re dating and you`re not sexual compatible

Where are the men you`re looking for?

Where are the places full of men or are they everywhere? Where we can find single men, depending what you`re looking for? Well, the place isn`t a scuse. You can meet them everywhere…except at home. If you`re one of the women who walk to the office, then to your bed. You must want to meet someone, even if, as a single girl, you`ll say of course you want. Most of the single women are single because, they say, didn`t met the right guy. What i don`t understand is, that the probability to run over your suposed right guy  rise in the same time with the number of men you know. If you are single, an intense social life is exactly what you need.
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Sex myths – destroyed!

If a woman doesn`t reach orgasm during the sexual intercourse it means that it is something wrong with her. If he masturbates sometimes, even if he has a girlfriend and a sexual active life, it means he has psychic problems. If one of the partners isn`t in the mood for sex, it means he`s cheating. They are all false! Let`s talk about the stories that people tell us.
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