Reaching the orgasm can be learn!

The definition of the frigidity  is that: a woman status who confronts with difficulties in reaching orgasm and even in receiving good sensations during an intimate meeting. Frigidity is a sexual disfunction which manifests indifference and aversion to sexual activity, lack of sexual desire and incapacity to reach orgasm.

Certain sex-therapists define frigidity like a total abstinence of pleasure and arousal during the sexual  contacts, no matter the partner, as well as during masturbation. No matter what we define it, it is obvious that o woman who suffers of frigidity is anorgasmic, while an anorgasmic woman isn`t automatically frigide.

Frigidity is classified in: total or complete frigidity, characterised by the absence of any sexual impulse concerning men, sexual contact has a mechanic character and without erotic sensations; incomplete frigidity, defined as the clinic form in which sexual desire doesn`t intensify during sexual contact and there`se no orgasm, and partial frigidity, characterised by a normal sexuality,  with the impossibility of reaching vaginal orgasm, but with a long satisfaction of extern genital organs.

Taoist wisdom affirms that „when the woman is happy, the entire world is happy”. In fact, all the oriental classic evidence involving the mistery of love and erotism (Kama Sutra, Kama Shastra etc) is underlined but the importance of satisfying the woman, which will bring an extacy mood for men, too.

Some studies show that there are several stages of frigidity and many types of frigid women. Because we know that first of all, mental attitude induces orgasm, then we know reaching orgasm may be learned. First category is women who never had an orgasm. Second category – are women who had an orgasm, but not with anyone and anytime.  The third category is represented by women who reach orgasm, during the masturbation or using the vibrator.

With a lot of patience, inderstanding and tender participation of the lover, frigid woman can be transformed slowly into a sensual woman, full of erotic fantasies!

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