Signs that your boyfriend will dump you

When we love we rarely deal with some situations that arise over the relationship and that are obvious. Sometimes your partner wants to take a break away and do not have the guts to tell you but actions speak louder than words and is easy to see that this is happening.

Unfortunately men are not able to cope with such situations, but for us it is much more important to talk, sit down and putting things and reach agreements, and it hurts in the soul a break, but it’s better to know things as they are not openly, as they opt for the solution of a coward to the end that we end up making the decision ourselves.

For this reason this paper is devoted, to know the signs that he wants and not terminating you can say:

1. Change in behavior

At the beginning I used to be tender, detailed, loving, but at some point things changed and it is cold, distant, does not share much time with you. The change has been dramatic and have noticed something missing between the two, but he never has time to talk when you raise the issue, I answered with evasive or simply tells you that nothing happens and you do not have time to talk about these things.

2. I, me, me

Before he was interested in you as you were, talking about what they did in the day, but overall was very aware of you and your stuff, but lately he remembers nothing of what you speak, speak only of their things, their issues, because you are not interested in anything in your life, let alone you. Keep in mind that a relationship is made up of two people and when one is not connected is a bad sign, something is happening, but did not want to see.

3. He does not like anything about you

You do not like how you see yourself dressed, you look fat, look over the other women that he crossed the front and makes comments about them that annoy you. When you talk about the things you say criticize and even resent it crosses any conversation you have to do with the two or with your life. If you have already left to interest, can be abrupt, because it is aware of your emotions.

4. No time

Everyone in life occupations, tasks, responsibilities throughout the day decreased a little time to spend with your partner or share some moments, but as they say is that you can and this should apply both to the relationship work. But when your partner starts with excuses for their lack of time to be by your side is a sign that shows that something happens, these words I have no time, no choke me I have things to do, you’re absorbing, and so on. Can some see they are real but not always work.

5. Playing hide and seek

When your partner starts with secret calls, gives no explanation of who he is, goes off to answer calls, call home and no one answers when you speak, you must be alert. Also on the weekends has long-planned but never will I see your on the guest list is very good sign, you could be in the middle of a love triangle.

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