The first thing men see in women

Men have criteria similar to those of a woman. As we know the first impression is entirely visual. In both sexes the first thing that attracts the physical and the face of a person. And that they care a lot.

This is a subjective and very particular to each man, I’m bringing a list of the most common responses that people say when asked what you notice first when you see a woman?

His body, men tend to look at the curves of women.

Her face, depending on the particular tastes of each child’s face may seem an attractive girl or not.

His hair and his feet, kids judge the personality and habits of girls for the look of your hair and your feet.

His eyes, say the eyes are windows to the soul.

Do you think? And we worry about clothes that are going to get, “guys, fixing you?,” which is the first girl they see in a guy?

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