The importance of the first kiss

The kiss is an important part of human sexual activity, this can be as enjoyable, pleasant, romantic as disgusting, uncomfortable and transgressive. And before you kiss obviously can not ask your partner for permission to do so, it is important to know a few tips to not look bad on the first kiss and the next.

The first kiss is one of the most intense experiences of life, stronger even than the loss of virginity. This is one of the main arguments of the book The Science of kisses, Sheril Kirshenbaum, a scientist at the University of Texas.

The author of the text ensures that most people are able to remember 90% of the details of the first kiss. Kirshenbaum spent two years gathering information for his book, which reviews the show of affection in almost 90% of the world’s different cultures.

In research, the American scientist explains the importance of the kiss in the development of the human species. In addition, the kiss-defined as the meeting of two people to exchange sensory information-not limited to humans but also animals kiss.

Why do we kiss?

One theory is that the act of joining lips with another person reminds us of the tranquility, comfort and attachment of child care. A Freudian idea that actually could have some validity, according to Kirshenbaum.

Another theory on the same line tells the kiss reminds us an old custom, in which a mother chewing food and feed your baby through the mouth. But in reality, the most important and obvious reason why we kiss is that it facilitates reproduction.

Women, which according to studies put more emphasis on the importance of a kiss, use the time word of mouth as a way to judge the taste of the tongue, lips and saliva to see if the partner is right .

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