The Kama Sutra: over 30 types of kisses

Whoever said that ‘A Kiss is just a kiss’ has clearly not been kissed as God intended. A kiss can be sexy, sweet, slow, fast, smooth, simple, warm … The vocabulary falls short of what they can say and convey two lips.

Kissing is an art in itself, The Kamasutra recognized its power to express feelings, emotions and passions. Therefore, describes in detail the kisses and the occasions to be used each of them.

A kiss itself combines three senses: taste, touch and smell. If each direction separately, is able to produce a strong emotional reaction, the three of us can be transported to seventh heaven.

Kisses can range from a fleeting contact, like an unexpected touch, even a merger of two bodies through the lips. Between these extremes there are numerous variations, but many people neglect this skill that, like all others, is subject to the laws of learning, perseverance, creativity and patience.

1. Askew kiss: When the heads of the two are tilted in opposite directions and in this position comes the kiss.

It is one of the most common and preferred kissing movies. Heads bowed allow better contact of the lips and a deep penetration of the tongue. It is an excellent way to begin a passionate love affair and also a way to incite the passion of the couple.

2. Bent kiss: When one of the two throws his head back and the other holding it over her chin and kisses him. The sweetness and affection are the main emotions that are transmitted with this kiss. A kiss of this kind is appropriate for the preliminaries, when he prefers to make love slowly and front.

3. Direct kiss: When the lips of both bind directly and suck as if it were a ripe fruit. It is a kind of kiss where what matters are the lips that suck, nibble and caress it gently with his tongue. Reposado is a long kiss, which may express a strong passion and that many people are excited more than a kiss with tongue.

4. Kiss pressure: the lips are pressed tightly with your mouth closed. A kiss to start or to end the relationship, should not keep for long. The teeth are stuck on the inside of the mouth and can leave blood.

5. Top kiss: When one of the two teeth taken with the upper lip and the other returned the kiss kissing the lower lip. In the description of this kiss is said that one takes the initiative and the other is limited to respond, possibly because the Kamasutra was written for active men and women passive. But in a current partner, everyone should be as creative as possible and let your imagination be shown and is expressed as it is, and not simply respond to the initiative of another.

6. Kiss clip: When one of the subject with her lover’s lips, is called kiss clasp. And if that does the kiss with his tongue touches the teeth, gums, tongue or palate of the other, called “Fight of the tongue.”

7. Throbbing kiss: When one of the two deposited over thousands of kissing lips very young traveling across the mouth and the corners.

8. Contact Kiss: When the tongue lightly touches the other’s mouth and barely touches his lips.

9. Kiss to ignite the flame is the kiss at the corners of the mouth that usually occurs in the middle of the night to kindle love.

10. Kiss kiss to distract ideal for when he is watching a game on TV and want to draw your attention to your kisses. For starters, remember that not all have to be kissing on the mouth. According to the Kamasutra, other recommended places to start the battle are the forehead, eyes, cheeks, throat, chest, nipples, the area inside the mouth, hairline, neck and neck with the clavicle.

11. Nominal kiss. When you simply touch the other’s mouth, then kissing her with two fingers.

12. Kiss with your eyelashes. When scrolling through the lips or face and touch each other with kisses tabs.

13. Kiss with a finger when the lover crosses the mouth of the beloved, inside and out with a finger.

14. Kiss with two fingers close .When the lover fingers, wetting them slightly and press the mouth of the beloved.

15. Kiss that awakens: The kiss that is given in the temples, near the hairline, while the other is asleep, to wake him gently.

16. Kiss usually be showing at night and in public places. One of the two approaches the other and kissing him gently on the hand or neck.

17. The Kiss of Remembrance. This is when the lovers are resting satisfied with the passion and one of them puts his head on the thigh of the other and dropped, as if sleeping, kissing him on the thigh or great toe.

18. Transferred Kiss: This kiss is when the lover, in the presence of the beloved, kiss a child who is sitting in your lap or a portrait or a picture or anything, looking for you to know that this kiss is for her.

19. Tearful kiss: Occurs when one of the two casts so much, the other that in its absence, kisses his portrait.

20. Kiss traveler: Although it seems that kisses always tend to focus on the mouth, lips posing in other parts of the body is an exciting way guaranteed.

21. Kiss the breast: The most effective kisses on her nipples are first applied to the lips, gently and with a little saliva. Then the pressure intensifies, and if the couple wants and likes, you can take the nipple with his teeth and press gently. Some people prefer to feel some pain in them when they are about to have an orgasm.

22. Kiss without a clock: The key is to pay full attention on each other’s bodies. The more control you have and the more you concentrate on stroking and kissing every inch of her body, the stronger the feeling of pleasure for both.

According to tradition erotic India, mordico is a very important and The Kama Sutra gives us a good list of bites in great detail.

Bites often occur in almost all parts of the body, ranging from the playful bite, more provocative than erotic, even the strong grip with the teeth that usually occurs at the peak of passion and makes orgasms more durable. However, many tend to avoid the latter type of bite because it is difficult to control and often leave marks evident. Also because during orgasm jaws may suffer a spasm and close tightly, which can cause injury.

The bites are recommended by the Kama Sutra:

23. Bite of the Boar: The trail leaves the skin are as many rows of sharp markings, very close to each other, and with red intervals as the tracks that usually leaves the pigs in the mud. It is a bite that is often in the shoulder.

24. The stream tag: Consists of uneven skin surveys in a circle, produced by the spaces between teeth. The Kamasutra specifies that this type of bite should be in the chest.

25. Escondido Bite: The bite that only leaves a red mark and intense to be given in the lower lip.

26. Bite classic: When taken between the teeth a lot of skin.

27. The point: When taken between the teeth a small amount of skin so that only left a mark as a red dot.

28. Dashed line: When that little piece of skin is bitten with all the teeth and they all leave their mark. Should be on the forehead or thigh.

29. The coral and the jewel: The bite that results from coupling the teeth and lips. The lips are coral and teeth are the jewel.

30. Jewelry line: When biting down with all the teeth …

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