Things not to do after a break-up

Given a separation either dating or marriage, there are things you can do to endure the pain and cope better with the process, but there are things NOT to do.

When we are at that stage of denial and desire for answers, make many mistakes that all you get is further away that person, therefore avoid doing the things you list as follows:

Never think you’re ugly or worthless, it is not. If someone has done that does not mean you’re not a person of worth and great, what happens is that the other person is not in love with you. But that does not mean that there is somewhere that if a man falls in love with you and love you more than anyone, do not punish, the breaks occur and we should not blame. Do not let yourself fall into disrepair, try to get out, dress up, a makeover can help you feel better, go with your friends, you have things that help you to distraction.

No mind you review everything that you lived with that person, try not to ask what would have happened if you had behaved in one way or another with it, do not turn around to the break, all you accomplish is to drill your head with questions that never solve . For this reason when you feel the craving to remember and review all lived mentally repeat “this is the past, my present is another,” the past will stay there and all you do is try to forget and heal.

Do not spend the day reviewing the old memories, gifts, messages, music that gets you sad (usually happens all the songs we leave at the time), that will not help. Try to do other things, flee these things that will put you to remember and make you feel melancholy.

It’s good that you cry and vent, but need not torment yourself with that at all times.

Think you’re going to call and spend hours without doing anything at the phone, your life must go armando a new puzzle, but it is in your hands is okay. Do not wait to call you, do not be fooled if you are finished with you is about something and assume the faster things will begin to understand and deal with it all.

Many times we try to search for solutions also desperate to forget and in these cases is a very good idea to put up that said “one nail drives out another” do not try to do it because you end up cheating and lying to another that has nothing to do with your pain. People should not pay for the mistakes of your ex-partner.

Do not call your ex all the time, do not you write or find it in anywhere to say that you miss, you have to be strong, it is logical that you remember and miss them but maybe in his case is not the same and more when he was the one who ended the relationship. Not bogged down trying to make him feel bad with your words, do not cry on the phone that the only thing it does is further away until you can generate nuisance, is better when a relationship ends on good terms, no bad words, insults, etc. , then do not do things that end in abuse towards you.

Do not beg to come back, he is the one who decides if we will eventually want to be with you and maybe then you’re no longer willing to do it because you thought things very well and understood that that person was not the best for you. Often end up being called “intense, annoying, beasts, etc..” Because it is what we get asking and asking for explanations.

Many people are locked into their home, or cling to the liquor to forget, but not the solution, the next day wake up with a hangover painful and annoying but feeling like the night before. You can also do things that do not fit at all well, making you feel ashamed. In addition to end up at 3 in the morning making the appropriate call despite the song and that person will be the only hang up the phone and tell you not find it again, do not expect that to happen to you.

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