Tips&tricks to get into his bed!

It may seem easy to get into some guy`s bed, but not when you are crazy about him. Exactly when you want desperately to do it, he seems more attracted by other things. That`s why we figure it out some tips and tricks to help you get some sexual satisfaction from him!

You and his ego. Your best friend is his ego. The more self confident you make him to feel, the better. Don`t think that you are exagerrating, it`s impossible to annoy your partner with too many compliments.

Happiness in different stages. If you impress him in other domains, definitley he`ll be interested to see what you got in an intimate one. So be ready to prove him that you are the one who makes him to feel happy.

The naked truth. You`ve been together for a while and he doesn`t seem to move to another level? Then ask him directly! Stuck in the middle of a question, men tend to say the truth. But be careful and sure that you want to find out the secret behind his attitude.

A bigger…attention. Write or send him an email in which you explain how you imagine it will be the first night spent together and be sure that you included lots of hot details. After you send it, text him that you`ve already made all the arrangements, the single thing missing is HE.

Catch his attention or his eyes. If he seems uninterested, when you go out or you talk, you can „drop” some private details about your fantasies or about your desires, in an innocent way, apparently. Of course, body language is important, so dress nice and classy, but you can let a shoulder or a slight view of your neck.

Well, it is important that you feel OK and if he, even now, doesn`t respond, then you must let go. There are plenty of men and there`s always a safe idea to have fun alone!

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