Types of Guys to Avoid

Types of Guys to Avoid

1. Dominant

Such men are those who want or intend to be right all the time, besides that it’s always telling you what to do or not. He is always perfect, and things will be done as he says, if not are wrong. Talk with him is hell because it always leaves you above arguments and makes you feel stupid for not being able to defend your point of view. This is the type of man who has the luxury of saying you’re fat or do not like how you dress. Besides that there are some that when the relationship to move to a more serious background as living together or getting married, end up not letting you work, will become your personal driver, will choose the clothes, not let you go alone, ETC. away from him, basically the insecure they are.

2. Abuser

Such men are known simply by listening to them talk to the mother mistreated, abused women all across it and obviously you will not be the exception, but when you decide to leave because of their abuse will always end up crying, begging, bearing gifts and promising things “this will never happen again, is that you got me so mad and I reacted like that …” but at the end and when you least expect will come back to mistreat. Do not let this happen abuse complaint, always stay away from these men. You can recognize for example when family visits at any time within the conversation comes out a cry to his mother or his sister for no reason.

3. Eternal party man

Such men are the drunk and go drinking with his buddies every day, always inventing weird celebrations as an excuse to go to party, has a mediocre work or not work and the little money you have always intended to beer. His love is always one night and met in a bar you went with friends the next day could not remember who was with you but still ended up together. No doubt that every time you leave and you know somebody else has put the horns more than one, although he refuses to death. Never comes home and if you get drunk always does, the next day you have to take care of the hangover because death is felt at home while you shut up because he did not want to hear from anyone or anything. If the rumba every day is not your thing you’d better stay away from this man.

4. The mute

A tongue, but only uses it to talk about football, and women with friends, use monosyllables when he speaks to you, lets you take all the decisions and if something happens, I accused. Sometimes you think how it was that you ended up tangled up with someone like that.

5. The good for nothing

This man does not work, according to the patient, clear of vague, or if you have a job that earns not even cover the gas, does not make the effort to overcome, is content with the money he gives his wife before leaving home, so it looks like it is he who calls, or may have an additional credit card from her, her life is a farce.

6. The super man

This is the kind of man believed to be beautiful, you think you are doing the favor by dating you, if not for him you would not know life is not to be a real man. He’s always talking about women who look down the street and always say “love you really are very fortunate to have a man like me to your side.” It really is a loser and even if you want handsome only for display, but has no brain.

7. Baby

This man always has mastitis, for the first is God, second her mother, her mother’s third, fourth, his mother and fifth, if you fight with your mom gets you out when you take you home to live in the house his mother, who criticize and judge everything you do wrong, this man is sleeping in pajamas with teddy bears and a bear. This man is dangerous, his mother end up sleeping in the middle of the two.

8. That did not turn the former

It’s a good person, attractive and intelligent but can not stop talking about his former girlfriend. “Because with my ex …” “When I was with my ex …” In short, all conversations lead to the ex. Conclusion, better to avoid a man who still feel things for another woman, or at least wait a while to forget about it. Also, if she so much talk about it but you find that you not go trying to pull a nail with another.

9. The unfaithful womanizer

Of course, avoid the infidels. If you go with a man who has ever cheated on a partner, be aware that you could do it again. When he takes you spend watching it makes you women and even comments like “… who wears these Nachas this woman’s face … that is what I deserve me.”

10. Vicious

Whether gambling addiction, drugs, alcohol, etc.., Are not men who can bring you anything in life and end up in trouble, since man is sinking into vice and even if you want you can not help. Be careful because it can crawl.

11. Cruel to animals

This is not to be a lover of zoos or whenever you see an animal die of touch or take home, but if you do not feel sympathy for a little animal think twice, there is nothing more special than a tender animal, and if that person mistreats you will believe me too.

12. The liar

This man always has an excuse for all but the worst is that can not lie, he argues that they are white lies and unintentional. Lie around and around, do not trust anything that tells you when something is wrong does have it all figured out for you to believe in him, but the passage of time is passed and falls very quickly, but when I say you lied and ready to have another look good. Stay away from such men.

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