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Types of people that we must avoid

Spend time with people harmful, such as the aggressors or narcissists can lead to emotional paralysis, low energy levels, feelings of worthlessness, and even physical problems such as nausea, headaches or muscle tension.

Before one can learn to overcome the effects of harmful (and deal with their words and behavior) should learn to recognize them as soon as possible. Here is a summary of the five most common types of harmful people.

Negative people tend to have a poor self-concept, low self-esteem. They will do anything to make you feel bad and to blame for something that never comprehend, and unexplained, are. People live day after day trying to destroy good people, and not the fault of anyone, only people who fail to achieve the perfect balance that should be taken with life itself.

Take a deep breath, tries to help, try to understand, but desgastarte because people are very difficult to understand.

Try to be as good as possible with these people who do much harm to come to you, and keep your position in life very clear that their words will never hurt you, think they are sick of the soul and that is very difficult to heal.

If all your aid does not make these people change their attitude, best to stay away so they do not you paste your pessimism. Life is good and too short to be seeing these problems out of that life itself makes us confront in our day to day.

The intrusive is invasive, bold, critical, moralistic, gossip, nosy and rude. This person likes to make life miserable for others. There is an interesting life, so it has to cause problems in the lives of others. Envy those who have an active, exciting and productive.

The narcissist. These people are selfish, egotistical, shallow, arrogant, tactless and socially inept. Narcissistic love to look at himself and hear of him. He said that the words “I” and “me” louder than any other word, and often speak in a monologue (instead of dialogue).

The narcissist is harmful because it gives people the opportunity to participate in a debate or a healthy relationship is one of the most boring person, it is difficult to associate with him because the only thing that matters is the same.

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