Are you interesting by nature? Or can we learn to be?

Perhaps the discussion on this point is very dry and we do not reach a conclusion, but it is true that there are certain traits that are in people who have those characteristics and that can be learned.


People who are interesting to us have a kind of “magnetism”.

But by using this word, we give a halo of mystery to this topic, which may prevent us from bringing clarity.

Actually, we can specify a series of traits, which we can learn and stimulate, so that we can be attractive.

These are those traits:

1 Interesting people are curious and make their curiosity come to us. So we want to learn with them and discover new things.

2 If you are passionate about something (a topic, an activity, a special skill) it is almost inevitable that you will be attractive to another person. The total dedication that passion implies is something extremely inspiring and of course, attracts others.

3 Interesting people are excited about new things, they know what they want and they are not afraid to go after it… even if they may fail in the first instance. That does not matter: they persist and in their enthusiasm, they encourage you to follow them.

4 Good humor and positive frame of mind are strongly attractive. Who wants to be close to someone who sees everything wrong and only sees problems in everything around them? The “good vibes” are transmitted and it is very, very attractive.

5 Attractive people do not give up their tastes and peculiarities and what’s more, they are great elements of attraction for others. The explanation is very simple: that denotes a mental and spiritual clarity, a strong character and a defined way of thinking, all elements that work like a magnet before others. Therefore, it is not strange that attractive people dress differently, sing in a peculiar way or speak in a picturesque way, for example: those “quirks” are a big part of their charm.

6Related to the above, the most interesting people can go against the grain of what is usual or what is fashionable. They may be labeled weird or eccentric at first, but they just don’t care and move on. And therein lies a large part of its charm.

7 Although it may seem nonsense, attractive people are not self-centered: they do not want to adorn their “I” with their attitudes, but rather fight for their ideas or what they feel. It is not a question of “person”, but of “idea”… and therein lies the charm.

8 The most attractive people are those who follow what they feel and think and never abandon it. His greatest successes (and his greatest element of attraction) derive precisely from being true to himself in all circumstances.

9 Although it may seem that “they have everything clear and known”, attractive people know they are limited, like everyone else, but they are not afraid to admit what they do not know, undertake learning and interfere in territories that they do not dominate. Curiosity and challenge always push them further.

10 Attractive people share what they know and what they have experienced, but not as an exhibition, but highlighting what is useful and interesting for the other. By doing so, they draw attention to their story and indirectly to themselves, because the main thing for them is what they say.

be an interesting person

You can be a very interesting and attractive person, if you highlight your positive qualities and work on improving the negative ones.

First of all, be yourself, analyze what you do every day, write down the commitments and things to do to “look good” or just to “help others”, relegating yourself.

Learn to listen to others, to start talking from that point: addressing topics of interest to others is an important key. To do this, you must be informed of what is happening and know what is being talked about, in order to have a valid and own opinion.

Stimulate yourself: what do you like to do and what did you put aside for some reason? Maybe you sang, danced, painted or studied a language, but you put it aside. Do not abandon what you feel inside of you, that is the best way to be attractive to others.

Analyze how you dress, maybe you are not expressing yourself. “Being fashionable” does not mean that you look good, simply because sometimes you do not feel like it or you are not so comfortable. Find your particular style, that’s the way to be attractive and interesting.

Do not believe that you are the center of the world, offer your sincere help to others as many times as possible and that will make you a valuable person in the eyes of others.

Although a person with firm and own ideas is very attractive, it should not be confused with rigidity. Listening to others in an affable environment and in a constructive way will make you attractive and interesting to others. Do not be afraid to express what you feel, but never want to impose it: that will simply distance you from everyone.

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