There is something very important that you should not neglect in the couple’s relationship, this is to have a very good communication, on that it will depend that the relationship creates true bonds of love, understanding, stability, respect and many other qualities, but to improve even more in the relationship we are going to detail 10 conversations that you should have daily with your partner, they are all important, we invite you to continue reading, you will be interested. There can be as many interesting and profound topics to talk about as there are different couples in the world, each one needs their own intimacies and resolutions, and each individual has different tastes and concerns about the reality that surrounds him, for this reason it can be hard to pretend that these are the topics that all couples should talk about, however,

1.- Family matters, all couples who are thinking of formalizing their relationship should get to know their partner’s family, what will be the relationship they will have with her, they should also talk about what will happen when one of their parents gets sick and need their help, if they live near them, how often will they visit them, or if for some reason they have to move to another city, how will they fulfill the responsibility that they both have with their parents, all this is better to talk about before getting married, in this way many discussions will be avoided when they are married, that will also make them unite more as a couple and they will feel mutually supported, they will have the confidence that if a relative occupies them, both will be there to help him, which will make him marriage is strengthened.

2.- Life as a couple, we must understand that each person thinks and acts differently, so before getting married they should talk about everything related to each one, what they like, what they dislike, what are the habits that each one has, what They will be the ones who will maintain, which ones must be modified, if possible, also on how they will maintain the home, the two will work, who will pay the expenses or divide them, in what way they are going to marry for joint property or separation of property, All this should be discussed so that they reach agreements, it is not that they are already thinking about divorce, but that it is better that they bring order and reach an agreement.

3.- The values, something very important is also to talk about the values ​​of each one, and what they think about them, since that way they will know what values ​​they are going to use at home, such as respect, honesty, also With this we will know how each one will act on this or that situation, that is why it is very important that we have a conversation about them, to get to know our partner more and that there is a balance about it. 4.- The projects, also a very important conversation that you should have with your partner is about their aspirations, what they aspire to in the future, how they see themselves in 2, 3 or 4 years from now, what are their future projects, where they are going to live, they have money to plan to buy a house, where they are going to acquire money to live, what professional dreams their partner has, they should talk about this,

5.- The future of the relationship, in this step you must dedicate time to think how well you have known your partner, how much you want to know him more, you will be ready to take the next step or how much more you have to wait, I know him enough to know that we will form a happy marriage, even when a problem arises, because you already know that between the two of you they will be able to solve it, think about whether you should plan more time together and know about your partner’s needs to make her feel better.

6.- Sexual desires, at this point, no one should feel ashamed, once the couple has time together, it would be convenient to talk about the sexual desires that each one has, so they can know the preferences of the other and learn much more about the couple, or in which areas they can venture to find more pleasure and continually recreate themselves in love. 7.- The children, a very, very important thing that you have to talk about with your partner is related to the children, if both agree to have children, how many children do they want to have, when will they have them, also how are they going to educate, what will be the religion that will be instilled in them, they must talk about everything related to the children so that they make agreements in advance. 8.- Health, this topic is very important, both should talk about illnesses and if they have any, confide in their partner about it, so they will have support from their partner to get ahead with their illness, the other will also feel better to feel supported by their partner, so the relationship will work better and they will come out go ahead. 9.- Goals, there is something that unites couples a lot, I am talking about goals, when these are shared and supported by the couple, it unites them more, you should listen and pay attention to the couple when they talk about their goals be professional or talk about their dreams, their aspirations for the future, because otherwise they will think that you are not interested, they will feel offended and exclude you from them. 10.- Moving to another country, would you agree that your partner moved to another country for work reasons? would you go with him? This is a conversation you must have,

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