Outdoor sex is incredible. It’s fun and helps avoid having a boring relationship. 

By far, most women love it too. In this way, you can fulfill one of his deepest fantasies. And there are many options, you can do it in the garden, in the forest, in an office at work, at school, in a vehicle or even on a plane. 

Next I will give you a list of ten exciting places to have sex outside your home. 

Many women will get wet from excitement. But there’s a chance that he won’t get aroused. Do a little fiddling first. 

Normally, it’s important to last a long time when you have sex, but it’s still not important to last that long. The exciting part of this experience is much more interesting.

Just make sure they don’t get spotted, everyone has a camera these days and you don’t want to end up on the internet. So don’t make too much noise and don’t have sex in a visible place. 

10 exciting places for sex abroad

1. In the garden or on the balcony

We start with a small step. This is the best place to start with girls who are a bit of a prude. Do this at night so there is less risk of detection.

Tip: Even this can be too much for some women. Another small step for this phase is to have sex against the window. It is very important to take her out of the comfort zone with small steps. 

2. Public park, field or forest

There are some nice and safe public places to have sex. It’s easy to hide and have quick sex. It is also quite easy to cover yourself with a blanket when lying down.

3. At work 

There is a high chance that they will be fired when they are found out. And this makes it even more exciting. You can pick a safe moment and work on it. Most of the people will be gone and you can fuck her. 

When your work is busy, choose a room that you can lock. Like a conference room, office or bathroom. 

4. Public bathroom or dressing room

Most of these are small places, but this makes it more incredible. Just make sure it’s quick and you don’t make too much noise. You will remember this forever and that’s incredible right?

5. The beach, the sea or the pool

Nothing is better than having sex in the water. You are already half naked and you will have contact with his body. Nobody can see them in the water and that can be quite exciting. 

But be careful:

  • Your vagina will be very dry in the water and this will create a lot of friction. This can be painful for her.
  • You can’t trust condoms in water! They can break or tear. 
  • Another bad thing is bacteria. And there are many in the sea, river and lake. The same with Jacuzzis and pools that are not very clean. 
Read more…

6. University, library or school

In many comedic, romantic teen movies, school is a good outside place to have sex. When you are a student you know all these places quite well. During college, you can sneak out for quick sex in a quiet place 😉

7. At the movies

This can be very incredible. It is dark and the voices from the movie will be at high volume. It is very easy to handle it. Just make sure you pick the right seat in a quiet place.

8. In a vehicle

The vehicle is also like the garden or the balcony, a fairly safe place to start. You can park on a dark street, or find a road in the woods, the tinted glass will make it even safer. 

Make yourself comfortable, recline the seat back and have sex in the vehicle. She can even give you a blowjob while you drive. The vehicle is incredible.

9. Plane or public transport

Having sex on the plane is the fantasy of many people. Isn’t it a great experience to have sex when you’re thousands of feet up in the air? A long overnight flight is the moment you can choose. It is dark and many of the passengers are asleep. You can do it in the bathroom, but you can also do it in your seat. Make sure you have a blanket to cover yourself. 

Having sex on public transport can also be on your list. On the bus, train or subway. You can use your jacket to cover yourself. Just make sure you don’t do it at 7am when everyone is going to work. 


10. In a dark street or other dark places

As you walk through the city, you can take her to a dark alley and start kissing her neck. If she feels safe and excited, everything can end in the best sex in the world. They just have to avoid making a lot of noise. 

Even in big buildings like offices, a hotel or the stairs of your apartment you can have a quick sex in a dark and hidden place.

Try these places. It will make your sex much more diverse and exciting. 

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