What if it’s boredom, or lack of passion. You want to experiment. uncontrollable libido. reluctance Lack of privacy. There are thousands of reasons to fall into infidelity, they are as many as they are complex. Infidelity brings consequences that are usually quite tangible: they arise in a feeling of guilt, social rejection, falling into the circle of lies and, sometimes, the end of a relationship that was stable up to that point. It is a fairly common theme in couples. 70% of people who go to a therapist with their partner do so because one of them was unfaithful. Even today, according to a study by the Australian company Forktio based on a survey of 5,000 people in a stable relationship, 22% said they had slept with a co-worker, while 23.8% had slept with a friend. the couple.

The cinema has been a faithful reflection of the infinite angles of infidelity, we will see that they have addressed this transcendent question.

1- American Beauty (1999)
Sam Mendes

A marriage begins to have very different objectives and interests, they are no longer on par and deception appears as the lifeline that many cling to instead of fighting against the ravages of life and the crises of a marriage in which one has less. successful than the other. Kevin Spacey taught the role of a cheated husband who realizes that the only way to survive is to forget about the rest of the world.

2- Brief Encounter (1945)
David Lean

In post-war England, a man and a woman meet by chance at a train station. They are both married. What at first seems like an innocent friendship becomes a secret and impossible love in the severe English society.

3- The End of the Affair (1999)
Neil Jordan

The complete weariness of a woman with her conventional life in a totally boring marriage, then a third party bursts into life, bringing with it fatal consequences; but if it is a handsome and intelligent man with the soul of a seducer. Julianne Moore has always been characterized by participating in films with iconic characters, who mark the viewer. The role of a woman who cheats on her husband is no exception.

4-Husbands and wives (1992)
Woody Allen 

Allen plays with great talent and quite ingenuity with the comings and goings, cheating, conflicts and frustrations of two already mature couples, while a voice that narrates the situations and the confessions of the protagonists themselves in their respective psychological therapies give us their disturbing reflections, especially focused on perpetual dissatisfaction.

5- The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981)
Bob Rafelson

The combination of danger and the excitement of having a sudden relationship based on sex rather than love. There are people who were born to fly, dance with the danger of life and plunge into stormy relationships, where sex is the fuel that drives the machinery forward. Jessica Lange and Jack Nicholson provide one of their best roles, playing a couple who sparks with every encounter they have. Both are destined for a tragic end, but they will face life with sweat, intense kisses and always dancing on the ledge.

6- Closer  (2004)

Mike Nichols

Two men and two women who find themselves in different circumstances and establish relationships that force them to unite, separate, deceive each other and fight. warm cloths. The male protagonists become obsessed with knowing every last detail of their partners’ sexual encounters

7- What Lies Beneath (2000)
Robert Zemeckis The typical situation of temptation of an adult man, married and with a good economic position: towards a girl younger than his beautiful wife. In this drama with supernatural touches. Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer are the protagonists of this more than outstanding thriller that shows that the crimes and infidelities of the past do not go unpunished under any circumstances.

8- Eyes wide shut (1999)
Stanley Kubrick The supposedly perfect integrated marriage Bill and Alice reels when she makes a surprising confession. From there both will question the nature of their relationship while he enters a dark and dangerous world.

9- Unfaithful (2002)
Adrian Lyne

She is married and accidentally meets a very attractive young man. What at first seems to be a simple anecdote ends up becoming a torrid relationship. The title is already a statement, the director places infidelity as a common theme in his films (Indecent Proposal, Fatal Attraction) always under a gaze quite reactionary and conservative.

10- The Apartment (1960)
Billy Wilder

The loneliness of a man moves a beautiful girl.

Life and love have unsuspected paths, also for those who seem to always be condemned to loneliness and oblivion. When two hearts meet, it is normal for love to be present, breaking down walls and falsehoods. The classic actor Jack Lemmon plays the role of a gray and mediocre man to whom the unthinkable happens: that a beautiful woman, in love with his own boss, falls in love with his boss. It is a film that gives hope in the midst of the gray tragedy of life.

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