Maybe it may not be as serious as you imagine… or if…

It may be that that blue WhatsApp popcorn has a reason for being: they try to calm you down and express to you, “calm down, don’t despair, wait, surely it’s not that big a deal”. Imagine how you would wear if they were blood red? hard not to get mad…

At this point you will have your suspicions and imagine where this article wants to go: that it is not necessary that you automatically assume that a “seen” on whatsapp is synonymous that they are about to break your heart and that you swear and perjure that you will not come back aa fall in love never in your life. Simply in this article we will try to present you with the whole range of probable reasons that explain why he leaves you on seen and then, as if nothing happened after days, he returns to look for you. You probably haven’t even thought of half of them, some reasons are innocent and others indicate more serious things.

because you are not interested

The simplest and the most painful of reasons. Perhaps the truth is that he is simply not interested in you as a person and for which, much less is he interested in talking to you, it is one more signal to make you understand that “thanks, but no, thanks.” Maybe he wants you to find out for yourself and not have to tell you directly.

has a partner

If he is with someone, surely he will only write to you when he is alone. Naturally, he doesn’t even think of answering your messages if he’s with his partner next to him. If you detect this pattern of behavior think twice before writing again, it is not fair to anyone.

have other things to do

It is quite possible that he is indeed busy doing something and cannot really answer you. It really happens, even surely it has happened to you, or not? Just relax.

He wants to have you there pending, as a possibility

He is not totally sure that he wants to be with you but he is not sure that he does not want to be with you either… so, from time to time he thinks of sending you a message to see if he still has a chance but without committing to something serious, his goal is to keep the illusion alive and possibility of being able to achieve something eventually.

He doesn’t want to be desperate

It may be that he is one of those people who sees your message in the previewer of the screen of your phone. He doesn’t want you to see that all day he was waiting for you to write to him, or he doesn’t want to respond instantly, he plays a game for himself. Better not insist.

The truth is that he only writes to you or answers when he is bored

The truth is that he does not see you as a person with whom he would like a serious relationship, but as someone he can go to on Sunday afternoons when he has nothing to do and wants to kill time talking about anything and see how far you are willing to arrive under those conditions of relationship without commitment.

Seeks to appear more interesting or busy than they really are

Imagine a man who wrote to you every two minutes, at first it could be even flattering but eventually when you find it a bit burdensome, you would not begin to assume that in reality he does not have anything very interesting in his life and that he spends the day in the phone? Ok, that’s exactly what he doesn’t want you to think.

You seem like a boring person

You don’t tell him much, or you don’t have a special connection to have a chat on whatsapp, you don’t have common issues or you have opposite opinions and thoughts. Your monosyllabic answers do not give for a conversation, or on the contrary the very extended answers overwhelm him. He prefers to avoid it and that is why he waits for you to write, when you have something concrete to say, perhaps the problem is only in the chat and in a face-to-face meeting the conversation flows.

He likes you too much and that scares him

He is falling in love, he knows it and above all he feels it and he is very afraid of losing control of the situation, as we know men in general have a harder time expressing their feelings That is why he prefers to wait and not jump into the void towards you. But, she hears her, don’t you think it should be clearer?

You are not their first choice

While he is talking to you, he has at least 4 other chats open. Clearly, somewhere else there must be someone who interests you more, right now. To hell!

he just wants sex

Well, if there is a huge possibility that this is the case. Or sex or going out with you casually, which in the end comes to practically the same thing. Or do you think it’s a coincidence that your phone only makes an appearance on Friday nights and not on Monday mornings, the point is that things are clear and if what he proposes goes well for you, then fantastic.

In short, when someone really likes you, there are almost never any doubts about it. you know it and you feel it. Of course, there can be millions of different circumstances, these questions do not belong to the field of exact sciences, but clearly you would not have to juggle and magic tricks to figure out if someone is interested in you or not. In any case, you could ask yourself the following question, why would you want to be with someone who you have to keep track of all the time? Doesn’t that seem like too much effort?

Do not fall into the dynamics of the drama, much less think that “no one loves you” because they leave you in the dark. Better take that time to think about yourself and nurture your soul by raising your self-esteem, which in the end is the first and last love. Your happiness does not depend on a couple of whatsapp popcorn.

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