Gone are the times when women were made to be submissive, exemplary mothers and wives, where professional and personal fulfillment and the pursuit of their own goals were forbidden from all possibilities. Today, when the rules of the game have been reversed, where equal conditions between men and women are the signs of fairness that give women a significant value when their capacity, intelligence and independence constitute the new paradigms that define. Known as “alpha women,” these outstanding, structure-shattering women are the ones that attract men today. We tell you 10 reasons why the alpha woman is the best girlfriend.

That image of a decisive, capable woman, valuable for her achievements and for the goals she sets out to achieve, is just the armor of an authentic, passionate person, who decides to walk towards her goal with love and enthusiasm and is valuable because she is prepared to face all obstacles with intelligence and integrity.

1. It is authentic

For, above all, and above all, even in the midst of adversity and the impact of “what will they say”, the alpha woman is always authentic. She is who she is in any circumstance, because she feels sure of herself, of what she is and of what she wants, her authenticity is her strength in the face of the challenges that come her way.

2. His personality stimulates the couple and makes him a better person

Sharing with a person with these characteristics constitutes an indisputable stimulus to modify everything that he needs to change himself. He will be moved and try to improve himself. She will be able to guide him and give him the support he needs so that he can work on his own goals in a positive way. She will be an excellent teammate.

3. Enjoy life

She is restless. As he is permanently in search of what he proposes, he knows that life must be lived intensely, that the only way for everything to make sense is to get out of the routine to find a new challenge, a path, an answer among the daily events. to new concerns that mobilize it. She is not one of those who stays at home watching TV, no, life is not that simple for her, she hopes to leave it in search of new emotions, something that completes her constant thirst for her.

4. He loves deeply but does not depend on his partner

As much as he deeply loves his partner, it does not depend on him. She is a woman used to being independent, to leading her life, and no matter how much she wants to share with her partner, it is not a primary need for her, because if the circumstances do not work out, she can continue enjoying her single life without feeling upset about it. For her, loving is not synonymous with needing.

5. Does not recriminate for trifles

Routine issues, involuntary forgetfulness, minor details, are not concerns for her. If you have not arrived on time for an important event for both of you, she will understand your reasons, your explanations, because she knows that both you and she have a hectic life and responsibilities that have priority in order of importance. She knows how to understand the difference between what is urgent and what is important.

6. Adversities are a challenge

She does not give up and does not bow her head. Defeat is a matter of honor, she needs to get out of difficult situations. In the way that she is, she will look for the solution, the right path and the exit door of the conflicts. Well, they are not problems for her, they are challenges, goals that she must reach, she only has to lay down her strategy to achieve it. Her temper of steel does not allow him to lower her arms.

7. It’s up to arms

He likes to take the post, take the lead. He should not be surprised that in private he does not wait for the reactions of his partner and she is the one who leads him through the labyrinths of pleasure. If he doesn’t know what activity they can do together on vacation, she will arrive with several proposals, because he has no problem making any decision from the simplest to the most complex.

8. She is independent, she does not need to be worried about her

She is not the type of woman who needs her partner to be aware of her if she has an activity with friends or alone, a trip, etc. She is used to being self-sufficient, both to organize her trip, to drive herself wherever she wants her to go, and to go out alone at night, she will not depend on her partner to take her or pick her up.

9. Never breaks

Even if she hits bottom, if she declines, if she goes through very difficult situations, she will always find her way out. She may suffer, she may be sad, but she will finally manage to get out of the circumstance in which she finds herself. Her moments of anguish teach her to be strong, her weakness becomes her greatest strength.

10. His loyalty is immense for the loved one

Your feelings are your greatest treasure. The people he cares about, be it his partner, his family and friends, occupy a prominent place in his life. It is essential for her to be willing and open arms when someone she loves deeply needs her. She will always be present, she will be available to them. She is a wonderful company when it comes to giving strength, supporting, guiding her loved ones. Her great strength and her positive personality will be genuine in helping to solve any situation that the people of her affection go through. Alpha women are fulfilled people, capable of loving deeply, defending their ideas, discussing what they consider important, they are mature women in search of permanent challenges, capable of giving their best for their loved ones and self-confident.

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