The human mind has the capacity to keep as many secrets as the ocean depths. Scientists are always investigating the brain and finding new patterns of behavior, and the number of surprises is increasing. Example, do you know that the more intelligent a person is, the fewer friends they have? We did not know it, but now you will be able to easily identify the genius that is in your environment.

We love psychology and today we would like to share with you the most interesting facts about this science.

1. In general, people with a high IQ have few friends.

Long ago, our ancestors who were dedicated to hunting and gathering, friendship was important to be able to have a good survival in the tribe, because hunting a mammoth was easier when you were not alone. Today people still have friends, but no longer for convenience.

But recently, scientists discovered that people with high IQs don’t need many friends. And this is because your great brain is constantly busy trying to solve more serious tasks, and communication is considered a waste of time. But this is not a reason to feel happier. Researchers have shown for some time that friendships can have a positive effect not only on the psychological state, but also on health. That’s why sometimes it pays to distance yourself from books and chat with interesting people.

2. Depression modifies the perception of color

Depressed people may say, “Life has lost its colors.” And it is not just a figurative expression, but a real medical fact. When a person is depressed, the retina becomes less sensitive to contrasts, and people are less sensitive to tones. But the opposite is also true: if you find yourself surrounded by sad colors such as gray or muted tones, the probability of experiencing depression or melancholy increases much more.

3. Do not talk about your plans, because nothing will come out
If you want to start something important (stop eating after 6:00, go for a run, or learn a new language), don’t tell anyone. Otherwise, it won’t come out. When you mention your plans, your brain takes it as a “fact”, and it will be difficult to convince it otherwise. It may sound like a superstition, but no, psychologists confirmed this pattern through some research and surveys.

4. Knowing a new foreign language helps with decision making

To make important decisions, you don’t need to be a genius: you just need to think in a foreign language. Scientists comment that when people want to make relevant decisions in life, they usually act involving emotions. But, if you start to analyze your actions in a different language, the rational part will act in your brain, which means that you will think the matter through thoroughly and will not take unnecessary risks.
5. Young people tend to be more likely to suffer from depression
According to studies and surveys carried out, the unhappiest people on the planet are all those who have not even reached 30 years of age. People between 18 and 30 years old are more likely to be more anxious and stressed. Who said that when you are young is the most carefree time of life? The new generation doesn’t think so.

6. Creativity helps to increase with fatigue
To think of a creative idea, you need to be more tired. Creative thoughts usually come to the mind of tired people because their brain works less efficiently. It no longer crosses out seemingly crazy thoughts that you would definitely reject if your mind was fresh and rested.

But one of these rare ideas can be the start of a fantastic new project. This is why great ideas come to us in the shower after a long day at work.

7. 80% of a conversation is based on gossip
Most conversations are gossip, and the tendency to talk about acquaintances is not based on gender: men are just as prone to “gossip” as women. Scientists have shocking figures: 80% of conversations are pure useless gossip and exchange of information about our friends or co-workers. But, gossip is not always so bad: it is a relevant communication tool. In this way people carry a healthy social bond. Important fact; Chimpanzees also like to say things about their acquaintances.

8. Happiness, apparently, has a price

It is said that happiness is priceless. But, some psychologists have disputed this statement: if you can “buy” happiness, but for this you need to spend money not on yourself, but on your family and great friends or perhaps on some charity organization. When we bring happiness to other people, we increase our personal value in our own eyes, and we become more significant, and, therefore, we are happy and satisfied with life.

9. Being confident takes only 20 seconds
In order to gain someone’s trust, you need to hold them in your arms for only about 20 seconds. Of course, of his own free will. This is due to the action of oxytocin: which is a hormone that is produced in our body when we feel safe (even when we are next to our loved ones), and it also helps to generate relief and relaxes you.

10. 80% of our thoughts are based on negative things

Daily, between 12 and 60 thousand thoughts that go through the head of an average person. Our brain is a million times more powerful than the most powerful computer. But we spend this power on: 80% of our thoughts are based on negative things. And most of these negative thoughts are repeated every day. That is why the thoughts that we consider silly that come to your mind are very normal: this happens to everyone.

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