It is not an easy task to end a relationship, but as in the world of personal relationships, each case is unique and while some find it much more difficult than others to accept the new situation of their sentimental life, perhaps they will be able to accommodate themselves in months, some even It takes years, of course, we already talked about more extreme cases, which probably require psychological assistance.

There are many factors that influence a person to turn the page, for example: that one of the members of the couple has decided to end the relationship without any prior explanation and abruptly, if there was a betrayal or what was the intensity of romance.

Next, we will give you the signs so that you can detect if your ex is still not completely over you. Take them into account!

1. He sends you hints, on social networks

If your ex-boyfriend spends his time sharing phrases of melancholy, love songs, or puts romantic states that somehow remind you of situations they went through during the relationship, regardless of whether you have him blocked, he knows that some mutual friend I will tell you about their activities on the networks.

2. He behaves in a very sweet way
If he has this sweet and tender attitude towards you, it could be a sign that he still has the same feelings for you and has not fully accepted that they have stopped having a relationship. Perhaps, he idealizes the relationship and forgets the problems that led to the breakup because deep down he feels deeply alone and wants to return.

3. He has not dated anyone else

At the moment of ending a relationship, significant, it is absolutely normal that we tend to take a lapse, it is like a loss, then it is natural to have a grieving process, but if a long time passes and your ex has not yet gone out with anyone, possibly, Even if it is subconsciously, he continues to wait for you and thinks that they can return.

4. Make comments that yours is not over
Men are not characterized by being very communicative, so if they tell you that they always talk about the times they spent together, or that they did not tell friends or family that the breakup was definitive, well let us tell you that it is not a pure coincidence.

5. He is a new man

When you remember the time you were together, the most likely thing is that you had a list of things that you asked him to change (and he never did) for that and a thousand other things the relationship was worn until it reached a breaking point . The truth is that now he suddenly becomes the personification of the qualities that were on the list.

6. If I leave you for someone else, in this instance, she is her persona less grata

Every time he sees her, he is reminded of the mistake he made. If that was not your case and he did not leave you for another, even if he tries to get you out of his head dating others, from here to there, he cannot find peace in any new relationship. In this case, and in many more, you are definitely the one who came out on top, he is the one who lost you by choice, do not listen to his insinuations of coming back.

7. He calls you or sends you uncomfortable messages more and more often

If your ex wants to get back with you and is determined, they will probably start calling or texting you more and more frequently. Which is the reason? Many of those are without a real purpose or reason, you just want to make a presence, many of the messages will be uncomfortable. Ask you something, ask you for a favor, ask for advice, any excuse will be good to just listen to your voice. Once he gets your attention he will try to keep the call going by telling you a number of different things and bringing you up to date on what has happened in his life since they broke up.

8. Overwhelms you with memories of the relationship

When your ex constantly reminds you of significant things for you, such as your anniversary, or important dates for your relationship, it means that he is still clinging to those good moments.

This is very typical because surely he regrets not having done it when they were still a couple.

9. Play private detective

Even if you don’t tell him about details of your personal life, when an ex is interested in getting back together, he will always stay on top of what’s going on in the other person’s life.

If your ex-partner is interested in getting back with you, he will be attentive to all your activities and movements, he will always make an effort to know what you are doing.

10. Try to close loose ends

A great sign that your ex is thinking of getting back with you is that he will call you to talk thoughtfully about his mistakes and shortcomings during the relationship. Perhaps, just, he wants to tell you how he has realized the things he had done wrong.

Surely he will try to show repentance, and how his life has changed for the better, clarifying differences and faults, assuming guilt and failures. Why do you think he does it?

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