Men are not communication experts, but they really do try their best. It is true that many times they keep silent about what they are thinking to avoid a meaningless discussion, but with a good listening they end up confessing their thoughts, always hoping not to be judged or misunderstood for what they say.

Dialogue and communication are essential in a relationship, but there are also not so serious issues that you should consider, so that you stop thinking that your boyfriend is immature or irrational and start to see that he also needs time alone, although, According to you, do nothing productive.

Within this personal space, there are also things that men hide from their partners, things that they would never admit, because they have to do with their ego. These are 10 things that a man hides in his relationship:

1- Look at other women. When she goes out with her friends and sees an attractive woman, she can’t help but see her body and even imagine things. In most men this is normal, of course it is not all the time and it would not take action unless it was rude, but by nature and animal instinct, man is ‘choosing’ the best candidate to be the mother of his children. But think of it this way: out of all the girls he met, he chose you and as long as their relationship lasts, he cherishes this decision.
2- You want privacy.As much as your boyfriend loves you and wants to be in your relationship, a man wants time alone, but he doesn’t tell you for fear you’ll think he wants to get away from you. Men need time to do nothing, they are moments dedicated to themselves, because men know how to enjoy the simple moments of life and out of shame he will not tell you that he ‘wants to do nothing’. Do not criticize this thought, it is not something childish, it is something they do for mental health.

3- All your friends dislike you. Although he has not had the opportunity to get to know them well, he dislikes your friends from the beginning, because he feels that they dislike him too, although this is unfounded. If you have a handsome friend, he will think that he is your friend because he really wants to hang out with you.

4- You want to sleep after having sex. After being intimate, women want to talk and sometimes have a second round. The reality is that men just want to sleep and this does not mean that he rejected you or that he did not like the session, but that at the end of the sexual encounter, oxytocin levels are high, but it has different effects on both. It makes women sensitive, delicate and very talkative, while in them it acts as a tranquilizer.

5- It is played thinking of another. Several statistics indicate that men self-indulge thinking about another woman who is not their partner. You would be surprised to know that the most common is that she is an acquaintance and even one of your best friends.
6- See photos of other women on social networks. I may not comment or even like, so you don’t find out, but it’s definite that men search and see photos of other girls.

7- He wants you to tell him that you love sex with him . Although they seem very sure of themselves, their sexual abilities and their virility, they want to feel and know that they are still attractive and pleasurable for their partners.
8- You like to feel useful. If he takes the initiative to fix something in the house, don’t tell him “You don’t know, you better call an expert”, or “You’re going to break it down more instead of fixing it”. These comments are taken by him as an attack, he wants to feel useful, but he is not going to answer you and keeps his anger to himself, when what he is really feeling is “Don’t tell me I can’t. I’m trying. Give me a little credit.”

9- He wants you to pamper him. If you’ve been together a long time, it’s likely that the displays of affection have diminished. As they see their partner every day, in the same routine, the details are lost. A man will hardly ask to be pampered, because he is afraid of rejection and being vulnerable.

10- He is afraid.We live in a macho society that not only violates women, but also men, with the mistaken idea that all men are superheroes who have the solution to all problems. This is why a man will never tell you that he is afraid, because he needs you to feel safe and protected with him. We are not talking about fear of the dark or insects, but fears such as not achieving the success he wants, not having enough money to keep the house and not being complacent in privacy. Men like to feel your admiration and your love, especially in moments of weakness, and although he will never tell you that he does not know what to do, let him know that you are on his side and you will help him discover the solution. . The important thing about these 10 things,

So the best thing is that you don’t criticize him for things that don’t make sense, like forgetting details that women remember, but that don’t make a difference in their relationship. Do not be sarcastic, show him that you love him above all things, even if he is clueless. Don’t just focus on mistakes.

Like women, men also need moral support. Get rid of the idea that they can deal with everything, because it is not true, the tension, the stress, the emotional burdens do not distinguish gender, so every time your boy expresses his emotions, listen to him, value everything he tells you. It may be difficult to see things in the same perspective, but if you can give him the great respect he deserves.

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