Without a doubt, whoever has a friend, really has a treasure. Friendship is one of the beautiful things that life can give a person and it is just as the saying goes: “Friends are the brothers that are chosen with the heart”, because although it is true that there is not something that biologically unites them, a friend can even get to support you more than the relatives themselves. Has it ever crossed your mind what it would be like to live without a friend? It’s not exactly about dependency, but a loyal friendship is one of the most valuable things a person can have. Therefore, here we give you a list of the 10 types of friends you should have before reaching 40 years.

1. Lifelong friends

It can be said that you have known each other practically since you had the use of reason or the friendship between you could have started from the school stage, however it is a friendship that has been formed because you grew up together and have spent several unforgettable moments. She is the type of friend with whom you do everything, for example: attend family gatherings, go out to parties, go shopping, to the movies, to the theater, etc. in short, there is an inexplicable confidence. Without realizing it, time has passed and they have seen each other grow, mature, develop and even so, the friendship is projected until the end.

2. Your soulmate

Of this type of friends you can simply say that they go with you perfectly for a simple reason and that is that they have too many tastes in common. They like the same series, the same music and even share the same way of seeing life. Few of this kind of friends exist, but they do exist, and when you find her, it is difficult to separate yourself from her. They can spend hours and hours talking, but the conversation will never get boring, nor will it be marred by awkward silence.

3. The Pranksters

It’s from that friend with whom you hardly have room for sadness. They simply appear in your life to make you happy, from wherever they find the words or any detail that makes you smile until you can’t anymore, it’s even enough that they only give you a knowing look for you to start bursting with laughter. They, on the one hand, say what they think and on the other, they keep you updated with the best virals, gifs, and memes of the moment.

4. The know -it-alls

These are the type of friend who knows absolutely everything, always has precise information to share with you, even to the point of surprising you. They have amazing data such as: which pizzeria opens late at night to your house, what you should do to relieve the headache or in which hotel you can stay if you decide to visit a country. They simply have the answer to everything you want to know.

5. The chic friends

With this type of friends you will never go out of style, because they will be in charge at all times of motivating you to wear a nice dress or to combine your clothes in an appropriate way. “Chic” friends always stand out for their good sense of fashion, that is, in one way or another they find the perfect combination for you. Therefore, when you go shopping for clothes for special occasions, never hesitate to invite them, because for this type of thing, they are the best option.

6. The super heroines

This is that friend who will always be there in difficult times. If you need something, they will always be there to give you a hand and everything you need, is that friend who will never leave you alone. They can be considered as the best support you can have, since due to their own experiences they have developed empathy, which will make them always accompany you or fight by your side if necessary. No matter what time or day it is, when you need them they will always be there.

7. The friends of the world

Nothing stops this type of friends, with them you learn that the only limit you can have is your own imagination, there is no time or room for pessimism. This kind of friends will teach you to never give up and fight until the end to get what you are looking for. They are the ones that constantly invite you to live the present with all the desire you have, so that tomorrow you don’t regret the things you’ve ever wanted to do and didn’t.

8. The unconditional

They have the ability to remember absolutely everything, even the smallest detail, that is enough for them to realize if something happens to you, if you are sad, happy, worried or anxious. They are somewhat introverted, but there is no doubt that they mean a great support to be able to live.

9. Party friends

With them you will never be depressed, because they will always find a way to get you out of your boring routine. At all times they are aware of the best events, in the most exclusive venues. But that’s not all, guess what…they also have passes everywhere they go, for that reason you will never lack doses of dances to brighten your life.

10. The mother friend

There is nothing better than having your mother as a friend, they are one of the best friends you can have, because they will never tell you something that can make you feel bad. Let’s say that they are the only ones who know us from head to toe and although the frankness with which they tell us things hurts, it is something that we must accept. They are our mothers for a reason and their advice will be the purest.

Surely you identify your friend with some of these, in any case value your friends, because with them you will learn many things. A friend is like a sister, she will always fight to look good on you and if she doesn’t, it means that she is not your friend, so let her go.

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