At this time of year, the average temperatures increase at the beginning of the hot season, and you will most likely want to tie your hair up, but you will also want to look your best with your hairstyle. In this particular case, women with round faces and more cheeks than the common ladies, suffer when having a collected hairstyle, because for them being comfortable and looking good is not so easy, due to the shape of the face, the that sometimes you feel does not favor you. That is why today I am going to leave you with 10 updo hairstyles for women with round faces that you will love, and when I say “love” I mean that you will want to comb your hair in this way even in winter. Due to the characteristics of round faces that are usually a bit wide where the vertical and horizontal axis measure the same, the forehead and chin are small compared to other types of faces. While her cheekbones are marked and this is not synonymous with the fact that sometimes you cannot find an easy and beautiful hairstyle.

It is also recommended for women who have this type of face to always wear the hair in front of the ears, because if you put them behind you will create an optical illusion of a wider face, by covering the sides of the face you will get a slimmer face .

Consequently, women with this face should comb their hair on the side, in case they want to wear bangs, it should not be too straight so that they do not frame the face even more.

First of all we will give you some basic tips:

– Always seek to frame your face with your hair, do not remove it.

– Look for loose hairstyles where you can loosen hair and look natural.

– Do not be afraid of the fringe, it will help you.

– Stripes on the side are also your friends.

braid crown

When you don’t want to completely collect your hair, wear a braided crown but always letting go of hair in the fringe to frame your face. This trick will give your face a better look and you will look much better.

Crossed half ponytail.

Undoubtedly, this hairstyle is a classic for women with round faces. You just need to make a half ponytail and give the bump effect. As this hairstyle is somewhat formal, you can use it on occasions such as a wedding, for example, as it will make you look beautiful and elegant.

Braid mohawk.

This option is much more modern than a simple half ponytail, and you can also outline your face. Simply braid the upper part of your hair, NOTE: Do not braid too far to the side so that the hair that touches your face can help you outline your round face. We can never forget that the topic of profiling is very important, because we are causing a visual effect of lengthening the face, which favors us a lot and makes us look better.

Side collection.

Perhaps you are observant and have noticed that when you make pigtails on the side your face looks longer. And it is that the pigtails on the side help to create that elongated effect on your face so that it visually looks sharper. Try this simple hairstyle, perfect for elongating a round face.

Modern effect.

Give a trendy effect to your side ponytail with knots. These additional details not only make your hairstyle look more fun but you will look much better.


When you braid your ponytail on the side for an extra touch. You just have to braid and then fasten with a garter, that easy your hairstyle will look better and you will look spectacular.


Now, if it is the case that you do not know how to do braids, do not worry, simply twist two strands of hair and hold from the side. Don’t forget to let down your strands of hair to sharpen your round face with this updo, so you’ll have a casual look and you’ll look great.

Knotted and loose ponytail.

When you make a ponytail, do not forget to make it loose so that it looks more natural and you can let go of hair and thus outline your round face. This collected hairstyle consists of making small knots in the ponytail. It is very easy and it is not so common, so with it you will achieve an excellent appearance and be the center of many looks.

Ponytail with side braid.

Another alternative that gives it a more feminine touch, simply add a braid on one side so that on the other you can release bangs towards your face.

Messy bun.

It is very likely that you do not know that this simple hairstyle is one of the best updos for round-faced women as it helps to create a super natural look in a really simple way. Do it low so that the fringe falls naturally, no matter if you have long or short hair.

So now you know, you just have to know how to use all these resources to make hairstyles that harmonize your face and you can make the most of your features.

And it is highly recommended that you also get advice on the haircuts and hair colors that best suit you because these combined with the hairstyles that we recommend can make you look great and feel much more beautiful.

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