As for men, we cannot deny it, that we simply love them. Sometimes it is very complicated to understand the feminine logic, that is why it is difficult for them to imagine what the perfect man would look like for us and they think and think about what qualities are the ones that women consider irresistible in men, it is even funny that they do not even imagine that it is the simplest and most genuine things that can drive us crazy.

Although we often complain and argue with them about their bad habits at home, men themselves have things that we simply love. The fusion of his physical attractiveness with certain simple attitudes drives us crazy even though sometimes we deny it. The objective of this article is to compile a list of certain behaviors that conquer women, we assure you that if you fulfill 50% of the list you will have guaranteed success among the ladies.

1- When you get nervous: you will have heard hundreds of times that women like strong, confident and secure men, and yes it is true but we melt when they get nervous in our presence, yes when asking for our number phone you don’t know how to do it, your words get mixed up, or if you want to give a kiss you don’t know whether to throw yourself or ask for it and you become a little clumsy because of your nerves, it will be adorable for us, it could even encourage us to do it.

2- That you be generous, kind and attentive: and we don’t just mean that you are like that with us, but just that, seeing that behavior with other people, we don’t mean something material either, but that you smile at a child, that you Get an older person to talk, that if the waiter makes a mistake in a restaurant, you answer him with a “no problem” or claim it with a joke. Generosity and the ability to be kind and get a smile from the other is very attractive to women. 3- That you depend a little on us: and yes, another of the setbacks we have, we say that we like men who can take care of everything but at the same time it drives us crazy to know that they depend on us, because that makes us feel unique and of course we love that.

4- The sensitive side: Overly sensitive men have always been mocked. However, we love that side of them. In fact, when they cry in front of us, we feel that they feel confident to do it, that they feel confident to show themselves in front of us and that they appear natural and show us that they feel comfortable with us. So bring out your sensitive side unashamedly because that just made us fall in love even more!

5- When you’re weird about some things: Let’s see, we don’t want it to be misunderstood, but there are people (I mean because men and women have the same thing) in which we are passionate about certain things in a certain way that even becomes a little weird, We find it very nice when they talk a lot about what they like and let us ask questions about it, because what it shows is that they have passion about something and are not ashamed. We women enjoy that you share something that you like so much with us, because seeing the way your eyes light up when you talk about it is super attractive, and when we surprise you with a question about it, whether it’s about soccer or even a comic, you have to admit it that you are also surrendered.

6- That you take care of your image: Today’s women value more and more the care of the masculine image. We love that you worry about looking good in front of us, that you take into account the hairstyle, that you take some time to choose stylish clothes and not to mention a good perfume, if it is well chosen, it adds many points, because it accustoms us to its smell with that perfume that sometimes we do not hesitate to sleep with a garment that gives us that aroma.

7- When you are not afraid to hold a baby or play with a child or you like pets: This is extremely sexy for us, yes sexy, because you surrender to children or animals that are so innocent seduces us a lot.

When you try to do something that you know we like to join us: Join us at a party and get on the dance floor when you don’t know how to dance, but you try it anyway because you know that we love to dance, that you know you have some moves a little clumsy and that even with shame you stay because we had a good time we love it and believe us that we don’t care if you have two left legs for the dance. Although, of course, we also like the guy who really knows how to dance, we also find it fun to do it with someone who doesn’t and we are conquered by the effort you put into doing it well. 9- That you be protective: There is no better feeling than that of security that nothing will happen to us, there is nothing more exciting than being next to a man who gives us the security that at his side nothing bad will happen to us. But it’s not just about that, but that he cares about you, that if he knows you’ll be working late, he brings you something to eat so you don’t go hungry, that when he sees that you feel cold he takes off his jacket to put it on, that if you’re with flu prepare you a warm chicken soup. It’s beautiful when the man is so protective.

10- That you are a little jealous: worth the clarification “a little”. Jealousy makes us see that he is somewhat afraid of losing us, and this certainly makes us feel important. And we cannot deny that sometimes it gives us some grace to see the other person jealous, it makes us feel appreciated. The sense of humor: another thing that is very attractive to us is that the man has the ability to make us laugh, and with that we do not say that we want a clown, even with a dry and inexpressive humor, you could go very far. We love jokes in the middle of a good dialogue, it reflects that you are a relaxed person, apart from that there is nothing more beautiful than laughing. Another reason scientists hold is that women usually associate a good sense of humor with an indicator of good genes and excellent fathers.

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