The so-called “honor philosophy”, the ancient philosophy present until today in Japanese culture, has gone around the world and is still valid. With sustenance that comes from various traditions, the Japanese keep their beliefs alive, which are often taken into account and adopted, to a certain extent, by Western culture. This oriental wisdom that speaks of everything, has been able to maintain itself over time, it is kept in small containers wrapped in forceful phrases, something we call Chinese proverbs. Words have power and come to life if they manage to build a magical phrase that, depending on what you need, can show you the way forward. If you are looking to achieve success in life, take note of these 10 proverbs that will guide your steps. Whatever your purpose in life, these proverbs can give you the strength you need to pursue the horizon you want to reach. You can write down what works for you and gives you strength, leave it on a piece of paper on your nightstand and review it every day. It is a way of working on that conviction that pushes us forward without losing our way.

Do you want to achieve success? These proverbs are for you.

“If you fall seven times, get up eight”.

More than clear. You must go ahead. Not everything goes smoothly and the road can be long, the setbacks and falls are there to give you strength lessons. No matter how long it takes to get there, you will achieve it if you set your mind to it.

“Studying the past learns the new”

Experience is probably the mother of all wisdom. What we learn from our experiences leave us that lesson that allows us to move forward and live according to that trial test that the past gave us so as not to make the same mistake or simply solve something from another point of view.

“There are no shortcuts to places that are really worthwhile.”

Every goal requires a process that we must go through. Time, trust, hope and security of what you want to achieve are the keys to success. Nothing is achieved overnight. Every goal implies a challenge and that challenge takes the appropriate time to achieve it. Patience will be your best ally.

“Do everything you can, the rest, leave it to fate.”

It happens that when we want something with all our strength we must be able to give everything. If what we want is just an expression of desire and we don’t give everything for everything, it won’t be worth it. You must make every possible effort and then let things flow, you will see how destiny is responsible for enforcing its part of the deal.

“He who wants to climb invents the ladder.”

If you do nothing to achieve what you want, if you do not play with the cards you have, you will not achieve it. If you want to get where you want, you have the rudder in the hands of this ship in which you have to live and you can invent that path, that bridge that takes you where you want to go. No one else can do it for you.

“Fast means slowly but without pause”.

We also usually say “slowly, I’m in a hurry”. It happens that if we are on the way to the goal, sometimes anxiety consumes us and covers our horizon. To get where we want to go, there is no need to run, it is enough to take firm and safe steps. Every day remember your main objective, give it a time of dedication day by day, without haste but in no way, without pauses.

“Even the longest journey begins with a first step.”

Everything requires an effort, if you don’t do something to make things happen, nothing will happen. It is important that you understand that great things start with small steps.

“Nobody stumbles while lying in bed.”

The only chance you have of your dreams becoming a tangible reality is that you get ready to roll up your sleeves and do the first thing within your reach. If you rest on your laurels waiting for things to come from above, you waste time, that will not happen. Work for what you want.

“Don’t say it’s impossible. Say: I haven’t done it yet.”

Believe it or not, everything you repeat to yourself, what you put as a slogan, catches you. If you say “I can’t”, you really can’t. But if you say that you can still try, no matter what happens, you will break that mental scheme that sometimes we unconsciously put on ourselves like a great wall.

“Make sure seven times before you doubt a person.”

Nothing is as harmful as prejudice. Judging someone in isolation without knowing their history or important details can lead you to make big mistakes. Start by looking at yourself and put yourself in the place of the other.

If you believe that these ancient wisdom proverbs can guide your steps, take what you think is convenient and adopt it in your important decisions.

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