Although it may seem that poetry to fall in love is aimed at making a woman fall in love , today we have already removed those reminiscences of the past and I can assure you that, although they may not recognize it publicly, men love to be told how much they love them through the verses of a love poem.

To answer the question of how to make a man fall in love in this post, I have compiled some short love poems to make a man fall in love so that they are easy for you to share on your social networks with that wonderful man that you love so much and that they will undoubtedly achieve. strengthen your relationship.

The poems are word games to make a man fall in love that the author uses in the order and cadence necessary to reach the heart of the loved one.

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11 short love poems to make a man fall in love

1- Beautiful short love verses that will undoubtedly strike a chord with that wonderful man.

How not to look for you, if I miss you.
How not to write to you, if I think of you.
How not to sound, if I want you here with me.
How not to fall you in love, I love you.


2- This short poem by Pablo Neruda goes straight to the heart.

I will be nobody’s, only you.
Until my bones turn to ash,
and my heart stops beating

Pablo Neruda

3- From the romantic par excellence G.Adolfo Becquer we rescued this short but intense poetry

For a look, a world;
for a smile, a sky;
for a kiss… I don’t know
what I would give you for a kiss.

Gustavo Adolfo Becquer

4- Beautiful romantic poem by an unknown author.

My heart is yours,
my feelings are yours,
my body is yours,
my words are for you ,
my caresses are for you ,
my kisses are for you
, but there is something that is only mine:
knowing that you love me.


5- A poem to conquer from a great writer, Eeva Kilpi.

When you look at me
my eyes are keys,
the wall has secrets,
my fear words, poems.
Only you make my memory
a fascinated traveler,
an incessant fire.

Eeva Kilpi

6- Verses of love for a man that in a few words define the love he feels and the anguish of that love. Precious.

The way I love you scares me,
it’s as if before you there was nothing
and after you neither.

Marcela Novoa

7- Another poem by G.Adolfo Becquer that you can also use to declare your love for him.

The sun could be clouded forever; 
The sea could dry up in an instant; 
The axis of the earth could break.
Like a weak glass. 
everything will happen! Death
could cover me with its funereal crepe; 
But the flame of your love could never go out in me  .

Gustavo Adolfo Becquer

8- The word “I need” is very strong in the following love poem to fall in love . It is one of my favorite poems because of the clarity with which it conveys the love it feels.

I need you to breathe,
I need your eyes to see ,
I need your lips to feel,
I need your soul to live ,
I need your existence to smile ,
I need you to know how to love.


9- Seven verses of love to fall in love that reflect and describe with sobriety and frankness the love you feel.

Your love makes me dream awake,
fills me with pleasure and frees me from the heaviness of life.
Your love makes me sigh and gives me joy
allows me to be happy
Without your love I would not know what to do
for that, never leave me
and allow me to show you all the love I have for you.


10- The “when” is also very effective in this short love poem . With only four verses he manages to reach the heart of the loved one.

When you are close I feel you
when you are far away I wait for you
when you hug me I fill myself with breath
and if you leave me I die


11- We end this short poem with some beautiful love verses by an unknown author that I encourage you to share with your lover since you will undoubtedly get him to respond with an “I love you” and a heart emoticon 🙂

Your voice makes my body tremble
when I hear you I shudder 
sweet melody that stops my time
and I just listen I don’t think
my heart screams I love you
my mouth doesn’t come out a lament
your voice calms my nerves
disperses any fear
talk to me my life, tell me I love you


I hope you like these short verses and poems  to make a man fall in love and that they will be useful to you in that beautiful adventure that is making a man fall in love.

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