In this world we live in today, everything seems to enter our routine through the eyes. We have become very visual beings, we find it boring to read long texts on the networks, especially if they do not have images that justify them. We are not experts in photography, we take the profession as an amateur in the matter to show what we do, where we are, our trips, everything that can be shared. Holidays are always the favorite moments to show our photos, but we don’t always know how to pose for that perfect photo that we want to achieve. Do you want to know some tricks to get that successful photo that everyone comments on?

12 secrets to achieve the best summer photos

1- If you have decided to pose with a float, then do not place it in front, it may cause the effect of cutting the central image in half, it is not aesthetic. On the other hand, if what you do is place it on the side, it will look much better on you, because it can help correct certain imperfections such as reducing your waist and making your silhouette look better.

2- If you are going to pose in the pool, it will be better to avoid common poses in the form of straight lines. Further from the camera you can raise one of your legs, while avoiding being seen in straight lines. If you arch your waist, your figure may appear slimmer. 3- In your full body photos, look for the ideal poses. Posing from the front and full body is an art. Well, we think we are splendid, but in reality we do not look good if we stand wrong, any wrong movement can ruin the photo. Your legs should not be shoulder width apart, keep in mind that this way your body will look smooth and straight.

4- If you make a half turn, that allows you the perspective both from the side and a little from the front. This makes your curves become more noticeable. There are those who recommend that the hands be occupied, that is, hold something, touch your hair or rest them on the waist, it is preferable that you do not just leave them straight and loose.

5- Accessories are important when it comes to improving photography and posing beautifully. If you wear a pareo, avoid taking the picture from behind, because your buttocks will go unnoticed, instead of front your appearance will be totally different. If you have a bit of a belly, then it is best to place a pareo on your hip, this will refine your figure. 6- If you prefer a photo lying on a deck chair, remember not to look at the photographer. The best thing is that you lie down casually looking in another direction and that your legs occupy the leading role due. Your legs will look even longer and more aesthetic. Maybe if you stare at the camera you will look more voluminous from above. That stylized figure that you are looking to show in the photo, you will achieve it more effectively, slightly arching your waist.

7- Prevents creases from being noticed. Both your abdomen and arms can be seen depending on the position you are in. If you pose sitting your image will not be the most appropriate for these reasons. Instead, go for a fully recumbent pose.

8- Be careful with your back. It happens that most of the time we take careless photos and end up slouching. It is best to curve your waist and straighten your back without appearing too forced. Do it subtly. This stylizes your entire body, because your legs look slimmer and your buttocks are highlighted as well.

9- Never sit in front. Always look for those positions almost in profile. Your knees can look much thicker than they are and so can your legs. Sitting in profile, raise your shoulders back and try to make your legs slightly raised, this makes your thighs look more interesting and imperfections such as flaccidity disappear.

10- Portrait photos also have their tricks. If the photographer takes a picture of you from top to bottom, your neck will not be seen and your gaze will seem more raw and hard. If the photographer sits or crouches, it will always be a photograph in which your stylized neck is much more enhanced and if you place your face to the side and raise your shoulders a little, that will make it a perfect photograph where your elegance is noticed without any effort.

11- Photographs with wet hair are not suitable. Surely you have seen some in newspapers and magazines, but you must keep in mind that behind that image there is a production team that prepares the photo, the environment and the model. Also the photo is post-processed. If this is not your case, it is best to wait for your hair to look almost dry, that will give it volume and shine, otherwise it will look flattened without grace and careless, your ears can look separated.

12- Keep in mind that for any photo, straight lines and soldier poses look bad, they make you look like you’re not and your feminine silhouette is diluted. Slightly flex both your arms and legs, that will give you a touch of informality and therefore you will look more natural.

If you liked these tips, take note for next summer’s photos.

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